New C3yoyodesign Peter Pong signature model - P.wave


Lovely. C3 doing great work lately.


Mmmmm that Gold is calling my name… This looks promising.


Oops, i included them but used the wrong tags. Should be in the OP now.


Thanks for fixing :slight_smile: That’s a pretty big yoyo. One of the things that struck me with the Krown was the width, and this bad boy is even wider! Diameter is a little bigger too.


C3 has really been coming out with a lot of designs lately

(UmeNagisa) #6

Oh lawd. This calls to me way more than the Krown…

(Owen) #7

Dang. This does look nice, but I do like the Krown’s look a little better because I like my throws a little lighter.

(UmeNagisa) #8

The weight, I generally over look that.
I can play anything with any weight :3


It almost looks like the took the Krown and took off the rounded edges. Still Looks Sweet though…


I like this way better than the Krown. Hoping to get one of these.






That salmon colored one… Awesome.


Every colored one… ITS SO BEAUTIFUL.
I know this Peter’s sig yoyo but I feel like it’s mine. IM IN YOYO PARADISE ;D ;D ;D ;D



All these beautiful C3 yoyos coming out! My style is so slow though, I feel like Peter Pong’s signature would be a bad fit XD


All C3 yoyodesigns look so amazing!!! ME WANT!


Must bump this up. It looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy too good.

(SR) #19

About time he gets his own yoyo.