Who got a Capless?

Who did because these things were a steal, they play like a $100 yoyo they are amazing. I dont know if there are anymore in stock but if they are get one!

yeah its a pretty good yoyo.

I think it’s fantastic, especially for the price.
There will be another run out, I think mid August.


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DUDE your the reason why i got one! hahaha thats awesome!

They are fantastic. Sadly I traded mine for a Code 2. I think I actually liked the Capless better!

Really? thats awesome so im not trading mine unless someone offers a skywalker :wink:

I believe there is one left. I got mine today and at first it was horrible but I cleaned the Trifecta bearing I was using and now it surpasses any yoyo I have! If you can you should totally grab it!

That’s very cool to hear. Thanks.

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Btw Sniffy when will you have your review for the Capless up? Just curious because I was hoping it would have come put yesterday before I got a Capless so your words could further anticipate me :wink:

I need to clean the bearing in it, what kind of bearing comes stock with it?

I’m still in the process of finishing the capless review up as well as the Sceptre. I spent the first weeks of July on Ilyy.

My capless review notes are up to date though under the unboxing at: http://www.sniffy-yo.com/2012/06/c3yo-capless-unboxing.html

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It comes with a CBC bearing. I find sometimes they do benefit from a cleaning out of the box.

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Sweet thanks for letting me know! ;D ;D ;D ;D


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i find that if you take the shields off its a little smoother!

Pink/Red + Purple = <3