New c3 Capless seems defective?

Hello all,

Recently I ordered a C3 Capless, along with a Trifecta bearing, and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. That day was today was I was excited to try out my new rig…

I looped the kitty string on the stock bearing and gave it a good warm up, and with each passing moment I knew I had not made the wrong choice. This is the yoyo that would keep me from ever wanting touch my other yo-yos again.

However, As soon as I put the Trifecta bearing in, The Capless whistled and sounded like an old car with the transmission giving out (it literally sounded like this, this is not hyperbole). Suddenly, within about 10 seconds, the spin died. I continued to give it a shot, but the same result every time.

I have tried switching the bearing from one half of the yo-yo to the other, I have tried setting in with more pressure until it locked into place, and I even tried leaving it loose. I have tried various levels of ‘snuggness’ when screwing the halves together… And only the closest success was when I tightened it most of the way but left it maybe one and a quarter turn from ‘tight’, this allowed me to get a solid sleep, and no harsh or unnatural sounds as long as I didn’t move the yoyo or the string at all. The moment I tried moving the string or manipulating the yoyo, it seems like the bearing would kind of ‘catch’ and it would start the hissing/whistling/vibrating thing again.

I tried another C-Size bearing, a center-trac from my Protostar, and the same result. The only exception is it didn’t whistle as loudly and it didn’t sound like a vehicle as much as it just vibrated and squeaked.

From my understanding, a Trifecta should work like a charm in the Capless, and so far I absolutely love the yoyo. I would not mind staying with just the standard bearing per-se, as much as the fact that neither of my bearings seem to work properly in the yoyo. So if I ever need to replace the bearing, I will not be able to do so because it evidently works only with the exact one shipped with it.

Is there anything I can do? Is this normal? Is it defective?

I bought it from yoyoexpert… Would they let me return it and send me a different one?

I am so disappointed because I have never tried out a trifecta before and I was so excited for this… And now it doesn’t work right.

I am also afraid that all Capless are like this… If that is the case, albeit a phenomenal yoyo with great play, I find this to be a deal breaker. I am not fond of the idea of being able to only use the exact model number of the exact bearing that they sent me.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I try to reply immediately to any posts so if you have any questions I should respond shortly…

clean the bearing, try again, then contact YYE if the problem isnt fixed

Can you take a picture of the bearing seat?

Sorry this took so long! I have never done photos before on a forum or anything, so I had to find an upload site and then sign up, then take the pictures, then transfer them, blah blah… here they are!

By the way, cleaning the bearing did not help… On either of the 2 bearings…

As far as i can tell, the bearing seat is fine. Just clean the bearing and try again, if not, contact YYE and they should have no problem replacing it

Yeah, nothing seems to be wrong with the bearing seat…

Could be a defect that I can’t see… You should contact YYE here:

I bought a konkave to put in mine, slapped it in and it plays like butter without the stickiness. I would clean the bearing and then blow the bearing and yoyo seat with compressed air. Best of luck! Also, make sure both halves are completely tightened. Mine has problems before I did this.

Hope this helps!

So you bought a Capless, it played great, then you put some other bearings in it, and the bearings made noise and played terribly and you decided it was the yoyo that was faulty and not the bearings…? OK… Trifectas are known to be loud, finicky, and turn responsive quite quickly judging by comments in this forum, and plenty of CTs can develop issues. This is why it’s good to have a larger amount of bearings. Every time a bearing of mine stops spinning well or gets loud, i throw it in a bag to be cleaned, currently the bag of dirty, poor playing bearings is around 18, and my OD Novus container full of extra good bearings has 2 in it. Bearings go bad quickly and often, that’s just life, don’t blame the yoyo, clean them more, add a microscopic amount of lube, and try again.

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the Trifecta is known to be one of the quietest bearings you can get…

True Story.

Based on the info you have provided… I would say start with lubing the bearings a bit… Also try a different bearing from one of your other yoyos. A bearing that has been tried and true… I do not think it is the yoyo…

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I have the same problem with the trifecta bearing I just assumed it was really loud.

Mine is quieter than my CT’s and as quiet as my OD 10 Ball

If it was all fine and great until you changed the bearing, why do you think it’s the yoyo that has a problem???

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Exactly what i was wondering

I had (or actually have) the same problem as the OP. My Capless doesn’t like ‘specialty’ bearings. I’ve tried concaves, CTs, Trifectas, errything. My Capless will get loud and make a grinding noise when I have one of those in. It really only works well with flat bearings, which I’m fine with; it plays great with them.

I suspect it has to do with the lip near the bearing seat - the ridge of metal that touches the inner ring of the response.

OP - just play it with a flat bearing. The gap is plenty wide without the help of concave bearings. And this is coming from a guy who throws a concave into every yoyo he has.

I was saying that the yoyo is supposed to be standard c-sized, and and thus should support other c-sized bearings, yet the other two bearings I try in it fail to make the yoyo function at all. I know it is the yoyo because one of the bearings I know for a fact is fine because it functions perfectly fine in my protostar but not in the cap less.

So if two bearings work in one yoyo but not the other yoyo then a valid deductive reasoning is that the first yoyo must have been the problem.

I had the same problem with a trifecta bearing and a capless same color actually.

My solution, got rid of both

No but really I also ordered a capless and had bought a trifecta bearing and the capless is a great throw but I think it might be that maybe yoyos with a groove cause that loud because I hated that sound jt made the Yoyo so responsive but only flat bearing were working for me. I ended up getting rid of the capless because of that reason