Heeeey, my Yo Yo is noisy!

Hey all,

I've been throwing a C3 Capless and i love it. But I've been having problems with the stock bearing sporadically making a lot of noise. It will be working find one throw, and then the next throw it will make a sound like a machinical pencil in an electric sharpener. Sometimes it will go away by itself, sometimes i just de-shield it and put it back together, the extreme is a full cleaning. 

Which brings us to chapter 2:

I bought a Twisted Trifecta Bearing because my partner in yoyoing purchased a concave bearing and I really liked the smooth, balanced, quiet play. I get it very quickly (thanks to YoyoExpert) throw it in my Capless and start practicing. everything seems fine other then a quiet whistling sound which I’ve written off as character. Then literally 3-4 throws later it starts making a similar grinding sound as the previous bearing. So I remove it, clean it in acetone, lube it w/ YYF, and I’m back in business. But it still sporadically will just start screeching at me, so I go through the same motions as i did before (short of a full cleaning) and it usually ceases. (ill note it happens about once a day.)

Today I noticed that it may be cause by the bearing its self actually popping out of position ever so slightly. I push it in, i hear a minuscule click and the noise stops and the bearing spins clean.

Is this something that just happens? its a Size C bearing, which is what the Capless uses. i will say that it is a lot easier to remove then the stock bearing was.

This is a pretty lengthy explanation, but i wanted to give all the facts to help you come up with your opinions.

Any help would be great.

                                                         Thanks All!

(i clean my bearings probably every 3 weeks with moderate use.)

I just wanted to amend that its usually not a matter of the bearing moving that causes the noise, the bearing just randomly becomes really loud. It does however happen about once a day

Give the bearing seat area a good wipe down before you put another bearing in. Chances are there’s tons of dust/residue in that area that is funking up the bearing.

I just tried it, but it was pretty spotless. But thanks a lot for the tip :slight_smile:

Does the bearing just get loud or does it get responsive as well?

Just loud. :confused:

If play isn’t affected, don’t worry.

my bearing sometimes does both. Any suggestions to stop that?

i think you may be misunderstanding the amount of loud i’m encountering, lol, “Mechanical Pencil in an Electric Sharpener”.

Lube it some more. Use a very, very small amount of lube on the bearing. It should help the noise a lot. You might have to lube it every so often, but it’s not too big of an inconvenience.

Best way to get the smallest amount of lube possible in a bearing is to cut out a very thin triangle of paper, get just a little bit of lube on the paper, and then touch a single ball in the bearing with the lube covered paper. Works very well, much better than the pin method.