C3 Capless stock bearing issue?


Hey guys,

Just got my Capless earlier today, finally had a chance to throw it and it’s amazing! The only thing is, after about 20 minutes of play, the bearing all of a sudden got really noisy. It almost sounds like it’s loose, but I’ve checked it every which way I can think of and can’t see a problem.

Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Does the bearing just need to break in? It literally went from super quiet to freight train.



That’s just what bearings do. Clean it or lube it if it really bothers you. I prefer to let 'em sing ;D


Thanks for the response!

That’s what I thought was going on, this is just the first bearing I’ve gotten that was quiet in the beginning, all the others just started loud :slight_smile:


It could be breaking in. Keep at it. If it doesn’t change in a few days, clean it and see where you’re at after that.

Mine did the same thing. I cleaned the bearing out and now it’s fine.


1 or 2 pin drops of lube.

Should do it some good.

If all else fails, we have the 10 ball bearing to fall back on.


Yeah it probably is breaking in, it happened with mine, and I didn’t lube it or clean it since I got it, and it went away by itself… Honestly, every time a yoyo gets noisy for me I just play with it for like 10 minutes and then put it down until like next day and then its fine after, I just use another yoyo… I don’t know why but it works…


Its a capless thing. I got rid of mine


The stock bearing wasn’t great. I just put in a different one.


Wouldn’t doubt it. My Capless would only take flat bearings. And I’m a concave man :’(