The new Trifecta bearing, I found out recently, is much, much more than just hype- it is truly a yoyoer’s dream come true. (for lack of better words!) Ultra quiet, super smooth, with over the top spintimes- what can I say? Really a sweet bearing, and although I consider them to be well worth every penny, I now have to figure out, how I am going to get my hands on 40 plus of them! Haha

I wish my trifecta was quite :frowning:

clean it and lube it.

I still prefer my konkave over anything else.

I’ve tried so many times… About to try again with mineral spirits was using lighter fluid. It’s louder than my stacks

I absolutely love my Trifectas also. Had 2, and another one came with my Wrath! Will be getting more. Mine are all quiet, not sure what’s up with that loud one!

I like to mix it up, though. I take a cue from Studio42 and try out different bearings with different throws to find a match I like. General Yo AIGR flat bearing is going to stay in my Capless for some time! And KonKave is working out nicely in my DNS.

Er, but back to the point: Trifectas are great!

I just put some lube in mine, and then put the bearing into my Chief. Plays like a dream.
It’s like the balls inside are made of marshmallows.

And have anyone tryed new bearing sold by US shop, that seems to be same as Trifecta, just few $ cheaper?

Twisted stringz trifecta bearing and type a1 string have effectively ended my years long search for perfect bearing and string. Twisted stringz must never go out of business.

Haven’t tried it yet. I know this, though: Twisted Stringz’ Jen is an absolute pleasure to deal with. For a few dollars more, she gets my business every single time.

Yeah, I’ve got a Trifecta in my Glacier Express and it’s ridiculously amazing. The combo is killer.

to clean it use acetone and soak it for 5 minutes then use a air duster to dry, Just run it dry or put the tinyest ammount of lube possible in the bearing.

It would be so much better without groove tho

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The groove is what makes it the “Trifecta” (1. 10-ball 2. curved 3. groove)

However, I also would love to see a non-grooved version. Add it to my list of bearing options for any given throw. :slight_smile:

So basically, performance was sacrificed so that the name would fit the bearing and the bearing would fit the name?

Actually, I think the plan was interesting and kinda creative, but technically falls kinda flat in ‘real world yoyo bearing functionality’.

Unless you are going for some kinda sleep record, the groove is counterproductive(potentially limiting immediate lateral movements of the string)(partially dependent on string tension).

Note> the exception being an original concern addressed by Paul Yath. One of the reasons Paul came up with the Crucial bearing groove was simple. By combining a concave type of outer race with ‘the groove’, Paul got his 3a yoyos to sync better. < 3A isn’t a sleeping Contest, but Paul wanted to get the most spin time on his 3A combos and keeping the strings away from the walls of the yoyos was a step in the right direction.

But for 1a play, the groove feature, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a lot closer to zero in function.

If you love your Trifecta bearings, that is Great! If you want to put them in all your yoyos, good for you. If you have convinced yourself that the bearing plays better and would be worse without the groove, that is fine too. <Happy is good. Fun is good.

But if you actually think that the groove has an advantage in 1A play, then just be personally satisfied that ‘dreaming’ can be a good thing too, if it helps you relax.

If any 1A players have brainwashed themselves into a view very opposite to mine, chime in and I will post up a more Technical view on why the groove falls flat.

Class may begin soon…

PS… A few things that should be noted>

I have a Deadly Spins Wrath. I love the yoyo. I think it is one of the very best examples of yoyo performance design. The: shape/weight/weight distribution/width/ergonomic feel, all blend together seamlessly into something that needs ‘no modding’ that I can think of.

The Wrath comes stock with a Trifecta bearing. The bearing works soo well in the yoyo, that I refuse to change the ‘recipe’. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. < you won’t hear me say that very often, if ever.
I have a few Trifecta bearings and I have noticed that the depth of the grooves seems to vary. The one in this Wrath is very very shallow. So, if there is any groove in a bearing, to me, this shallow one is preferred.

So there can be exceptions. Even to somebody that prolly likes Trifectas less than anybody else.

My little technical oratories are posted for your information and awareness. They are not necessarily meant to change your choice of bearings or your buying habits. But then again, I think Jen should drop the groove and just call it the Perfecta bearing.

The main mission in yoing is to have fun.

I think most people use flat bearings anyways, and the World hasn’t come to any kind of abrupt Stop because of it.


Like a boss

The creator saw or perceived a need for a bearing that fulfilled all three of those roles. There was nothing else on the market that did all three. Then the name probably sprung forth from that. Not sure what’s making you assume the bearing was made to fit the name, but clearly the name was chosen to fit the bearing. And since the bearing moves a decent number of units and is well enough loved by many people, Jen obviously correctly identified a gap in the market her product could fill.

I think you’re setting up straw men to knock down. Nobody’s making the claims you’ve assumed, and nobody has claimed it is the only bearing worth using. We all have preferences, and I suspect a great many of us run any number of different bearing configurations, one or two of which might include a Trifecta.

The fact that a Trifecta in a Wrath worked out for you is proof enough that a Trifecta in many other throws might work out for another player. It all comes down to preferences and what we want out of a given configuration.

Maybe a Trifecta doesn’t deal with 5 layers of string as well as a flat or a Center Trac. But maybe some of us don’t lay down 5 layers and appreciate the snappy binds. Or maybe we do like to do lots of layering sometimes and reach for a throw with a different bearing in it. One person’s snappy binds and a performance “sweet spot” is another person’s “I find it binds too much at unexpected times.” We all have different preferences, we all have different levels, and we all have different styles. You simply MUST acknowledge that somebody enjoying a Trifecta is not necessarily brainwashing.

I find it’s good policy to give people credit for intelligence rather than assuming otherwise. If you thought to yourself, “people are generally smart and are capable of drawing their own conclusions,” you wouldn’t even feel the need to “educate” people about why they might be the victims of brainwashing.

I DO love the name “Perfecta”. I’m fully behind this name choice if they do a non-grooved version. :wink:



Based on my experience with the Trifecta, I would probably buy 10 right away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greg, Based on what you just suggested,I think you should give me credit for being intelligent rather than assuming otherwise. And that I may be generally smart and capable of drawing my own conclusions. And that the primary reason I may sometimes be compelled to ‘educate others’ is so some of them that may not be as experienced and knowledgable as yourself, may be spared possible brain twisting.

You might also consider that I have been hot rodding yoyos for 15 consecutive years and might actually have a much clearer view of ‘spinning things’, than you may be aware of.

I guess you missed the question mark at the end of my sentence about the bearing fitting the name or the name fitting the bearing. It wasn’t an assumption, it was a question.

And I never said or insinuated that anybody stated it was the only bearing choice.

If you knew more about what I actually do know, you would be able to assume far less and be much less compelled to suggest my statements are based on assumptions.

Sadly I can only assume that you understand wtf I just said.



Yoyodoc, peace my friend, peace! I didn’t mean any of that in a confrontational way. Hesitated on pressing “reply” because I knew there was that risk, but then I hate writing that much text and deleting it. :wink: Just an OCD of mine.

This latest reply has some decent rhetoric in it (and rhetoric indeed IS a skill, and a good one to have!). I do give you credit for intelligence, and I understood what your intentions were. I just think they missed the mark.

I didn’t miss the question mark, it’s that I did not read it as an actual question. Statements in the shape of questions are very common rhetorical devices, and it seemed this was an example of that. To me, it read as, “I believe that you shouldn’t create a product just to fit a name.” Apparently it was actually a question. Miscommunication happens!

Thanks for continuing to share your experiences and insights with the newer yoyoers, including myself!