twisted trifecta???


what are your opinions everyone? my personal opinion is that i do not like it. only because i feel it is “too smooth” (i know you might think im crazy) but i dont know, im not for that, im for smoothness, but i like to “feel” the yoyo. i feel this bearing just makes all my throws feel the same. even my marmot compared to my artic circle. i feel no difference! and that is no good!!! D= maybe i am just crazy but this is why i was not a fan of the code 2. though it was incredibly smooth it felt like it was not there to me. am i just crazy everyone…?


Yup, pretty much =P. In all seriousness though, not liking something that everyone else likes for whatever reason doesn’t make you crazy at all. Not liking a yoyo because it’s too smooth is quite odd, certainly, but not crazy.



I didn’t really care for them. A little too ‘novelty’ for me.

But I did love a Trifecta in my Max Bet. It made it play about a gram lighter.


I’m still trying to find which yoyo these bearings work best in. I have 2 in my possession and 4 more on the way.

I’m not against shapes or grooved bearings. I feel that sometimes you need the proper bearing to perhaps address some performance issues. For example, my Half & Half shipped with a flat bearing but the response system is very snaggy and grabs too easily, so I replaced the flat bearing with a Crucial Grooved and now it’s a great player.

Similarly, I’m trying to find where to put the Trifecta. I have one in my TI-5, and it seems to be a good fit. I am going to be cleaning the bearing today and then Terrapin X Dry Play treating it since that’s my standard bearing protocol that I use these days.

I also have different bearings. I do play stuff with KK’s, CenterTracs, the new Buddha Bearing Dimple, Crucial Grooved and various flats(OD, YYJ, YYF, stock and Buddha’s flat bearing to name a few).

I like that I have the resources to experiment. Usually though, I’m pretty pleased with the stock bearing.


Haha i meant it more as i like to feel the yoyo on the string and to me the code 2 i dont feel it. if that makes sense… thanks for letting me know im not crazy! ;D

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you just have to find a throw that it compliments. i love it on the wrath but i think a regular flat 10 ball is better. one drop for the win. lol but I definitely get what you mean when you say that allthe throws feel the same. Funny you said you dont like it on the marmont because i LOVE it on the marmont! and theyre really good for sideways if your into it


I love it in my code 2 with some twisted strings type b!


Yeah, I get what you mean. I usually find the weight of the yoyo on the end sufficient for that.



Too smooth!? I have one of these bearings in my cart, and now I am just now tempted to purchase one. Lol


Haha, Definitely worth the try man. put it on all of your throws and see which it works best with. some, it will be dead smooth and some it wont. bu once you find that throw, you will never change the bearings


hahah i kind of know what you mean, i have a trifecta in my chief and sometimes i have to stop and make sure the yoyo is still spinning because of how ridiculously smooth it is. i really love it though. OD 10 ball is fantastic also, guess it just comes down to preference.


My gold shoes are too big for me :frowning:


everyone has their preferences. One of mine is sound.

I love the sound of the phenomizm for some reason but I hate the sound of the yuuksta. Both yoyos play fine but that’s one of my weird preferences
Am I crazy?


Funny you say that. We love it in our wrath because of the weight change. The Wrath weighs 65.2 with the OD 10-ball and 64.8 with the Trifecta!


No, you are not crazy. If you have a really smooth quiet bearing, I find it has less spin… Clean it and put the tiniest drop of your favorite lube you can muster…Then break it in!. It will get a little louder over time (Not too loud though) and that’s when you know when its ready to go full potential.
But seriously in my opinion the Trifecta is amazing when properly treated!


I agree I love my twisted trifecta in my superstar with light lube, can hear and feel it better.I cant compare though because Ive always had this bearing in the superstar cuz i wanted 10 ball bearin with concave. My dream bearing is a 10 ball ceramic concave!!! lmao