I have a Trifecta bearing and it plays very well with my HOUR, i replaced it with the original one that came with it. I have been throwing for 3 or 4 months only. But i can say it with confidence that it plays with my HOUR better than the original one.

If any one says otherwise based on his long experience that flat bearings plays the same as grooved or concave ones then this must be because of his long experience that this difference does not affect his level of play. but for most of people who is not that well experienced it makes a difference.

Now i have re tried couple of weeks ago to play with a flat bearing on a DM2 but i was not happy as i am with the concave one that is fitted on it now.

Back to the Bearing what makes it really a good one is the spin time rather than any other spec… spin times are less affected by experience that other specs although to some extent it is affected ( the throw strength and technique would definitely affect spin times )…

After all it is a Great bearing and i love it.

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i’ve noticed that because(i think) the string is kept dead center and cannot move; that it tends to actually push the string closer to the response when there is more than one segment of string in the gap. even though the outside edges of the play surface are concaved( too keep the string away from response), i find that it still likes to catch ,wich slows the rpms down allot… what do you think( anyone)

Got a trifecta on my wrath and man is it awesome or what!

I am used to a 10 ball and having the concaveness of the bearing with that is just a perfect combination!


Definitely interested in trying one of these out. I have ceramic KKs, regular steel KKs, ceramic Terrapins, OD ten balls, etc. So far my favorites have always been ceramic KKs and the different steel concave that comes with YoYoRecreations. Don’t care for the Terrapins as I’d rather just use a flat bearing or get real string centering from the KK, but the groove on the Trifecta looks to be more effective especially in combination with the concave shape so I’m intrigued.

It’s quite expensive I know. But from all the good things said about it, I’m buying one or two asap.

I actually think that what you are saying is quite reasonable about the lateral movement. I am just wondering: would a ten ball center trac bearing interest you? Because I am thinking that it sounds pretty sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I live my trifecta, but only in the right throws, and my center tracs are my go to bearings… So why not have the best of both worlds?

Instead of the groove on the Trifecta, I’d think a groove similar to one on the YYR DoubleStraight Bearing would be the best.

That bearing’s shape is killer!

I like the look and idea of YYR’s double straight bearing but the price seems a bit much.


Hey guys recently it seems my trifecta is locking up on me. It will make like a click noise once in a while and then it completely stops spinning and makes my yoyo act like a fixed axle.

Has anyone experienced this? Its a fairly new bearing, havent hit anything with it or anything…

Could just be a bit of grit that found its way into the bearing. Pop the bearing sheilds off and give it a good soak and swish in some mineral turpentine.


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i use paslode cordles electronics cleaner, it works like acetone amd mineral spirits but is super presurized wich makes it great at blowing things out. its like air in a can and mineral spirits together.