C3yo Capless Sniffy Review


Just posted my unboxing of the @C3yoyodesign Capless at:


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Unboxing rather. Not review.

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I think everyone should be taking a close look at this Capless thing.

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I just added my initial review notes for the Capless.
Same link as above to view the post.

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THANK YOU. I’ve been waiting for a review ever since I ordered it… Two weeks ago


Did it arrive? It’s really a fantastic throw I think.

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Well i live in Canada for thé sommer so that why is tajine longer. Its Canada day today and tomorrow is a holiday so hopefully tuesday. I’m really glad I got it… Took a complete guess at it.


I think you will like it.
I’m surprised it’s so inexpensive.

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Last 7 piece in here !



dude, another awesome review!

I think you and njstringer should team up! you guys would OWN the reviews!


Thanks very much. I’m keeping it simple, working on my own. I like what njstringer is doing quite a bit though.

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Looks like the Capless will be restocked soon.
I’ll be doing my final review when it becomes available.
It’s a pretty great Yoyo, very under-priced in my opinion.