Need new throw. Opinions?


Looking to spend 120$ and under for a throw… Need opinions. I am considering a duncan echo or dif rev-1. I like larger butterfly yoyos. Any other ideas? ???


Try the c3 Yeah3. Very comfortable YoYo all around. Great balance and very forgiving. Only 80 bucks and out throws my Canvas and avalanche.


thanks. any other suggestions?


I have yoyos you might like



How about a Code 2? They’re awesome! You can even buy side effects to change the weight of the yoyo!


If you like the Rev1 I say go with it DifeYo makes good stuff. It seems to match your preferences and will be a timeless throw.


Buy a Superstar, it’s a great starting point. That or a CODE 2.


I would say code 2!


Large butterfly shape? A yoyofactory DNA from the buy sell trade (it will be cheaper) seems perfect here.
I have one I’ll sell you. Theyre amazing, I’m Just not a fan of the organic butterfly shape. I prefer an h-shape or a v-shape



The Yeah3 and Code2 have already been suggested, but i would suggest them again! Two great playing yoyos at great playing prices!


Thanks for the input. any more ideas?


The Duncan Barracuda is a Good yoyo. Tryed one at Nationals this thing was awesome.


Thanks for the input. any more ideas?
[/quote Burnside might be good


Is the duncan barracuda even out yet?


Sorry to threadjack here–

I keep looking at the Yeah3, but it’s more “v” than butterfly… no real walls to speak of in the gap. Is it just me, or do those walls help for things like Mach 5 or Gyroscopic Flops? Maybe I just need to practice those more in general, but in my Chaser (not much for walls) cannot Mach 5; in the Kyo DNS, no problem.

But otherwise, the Yeah3 is looking mighty compelling.


No matter what the yoyo is, I am putting a ceramic kk in it. So which will spin better, the code 2 or the rev-1. They are around the same price. They are both butterfly. They both have adjustible weights. the question is in vibe and response. Thanks for the input. Keep it comin.


I decided on the code 2. Might be intresting to try a new brand. It gets a big thumbs up from everyone. Thanks.


New or old Ava?


a little vibe every few throws. Doesn’t affect the amazing play whatsoever. And honestly, I’d say get a trifecta bearing. They’re cheaper than a ceramic kk and well, I’m pretty sure steel lasts longer than ceramic :smiley:
And also, I’ve heard that the code 2 is an h-shape and I’ve heard of it as a butterfly. Nobody knows.
Have fun with one of the best throws (best IMO) out there!



Ceramic bearing are designed to be used in more volatile environments than steel. The ceramic bearings theoretically should last longer than all steel bearings.

The Code 2 is I guess technically speaking an H-shape. It is an amazing yoyo. Best? I don’t know. A favorite? Absolutely. For me: Anglam, Code 2 with disc side effects, then a Phenom.