Which Yo Yo should I buy next?

Yo so I been around for about a month. I will tell you which yo yo’s I have bought or previously own and what I think of them. Then I will tell you which yo yo’s I’ve been thinking about buying, then you can tell me what you think I would like. Cause your the experts and I’m a newb. Thanks in advance!

Custom Yo Yo (from 10 years ago) - OK but so small - no gap

Whip - Nice but too light

Dark Magic - Great, fast - maybe too heavy

Code 2 - My Favorite

54 - Nice , could be faster and more stable - waiting for ceramic bering to see if it improves

Dietz- Nice- a little small, very fast through the air, could be faster on string, waiting for ceramic bering, I think I would like it more if I was a better player

Thinking about getting-

Hazmat- looks nice and smooth like code 2

Code 1- I dunno I like OD

Chief- why are these sooo much?

Delrin Yo’s- I dunno been smacking the crap out of my hands maybe delrin would be nice?

I’d go with the hazmat or code1 the chief is too expensive, and I don’t think the delrin will help you as much as you think. You might also consider getting an albatross. They are machine at one drop like the hazmat but don’t use side effects

If your thinking about delrins, you should take a look at landon’s site.

I agree. Hazmat and Code 1 are awesome.

I have a code 1. Highly suggested. Also I bought a ceramic bearing and didn’t like it because it was so loud. crucial 2 bearing had crazy spintime for me. I hear kk is legit as well. Some people don’t like them. Personal preference. I like the od 10 balls

Thanks, I have been lookin hard at the Hazmat, I like the way the side effects seems to make these so smooth. I dont know about previous OD but I heard they were also good before the current side effect axel system. Anyway if anyone that own one has anything to say about the Hazmat I’d like to hear it.

I’ll take a look at the Albatross also

Picked it up local from oldedges


If you want something that has amazing performance, then C3yoyo. If you just want something fun to play with, a Delrin yoyo.

Out of the ones you posted, I would choose the code 1, its a very nice yoyo, very stable, nice and long spinning, Hits a happy spot in most categories… side effects make it customizable if you like

also, for a cheap plastic, but still an epic yoyo, the YYF Protostar is one of my faves, plays similar to the Code 1, but still its own flavor