Good Yo-yos?

So I’m looking for a great yo-yo at around $100 or less right now what I’m looking at is the yo-yofactory Superstar or the the toxic Hazmat. ??? So if you guys know anything simailar but better than one of those two or have an comments on them or know which one is better please post it ;D

I would take the hazmat over the superstar for sure. Side effects are great.

I would also look at a code 2 by one drop or a g squared albatross in those price ranges.

Can’t go wrong with the hazmat code 2 or albatross.

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Recomend the albatross just picked one up and it’s great think im gonna try a code 2 soon tho camt go wrong with either

What size do you generally like?
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um I like yo-yos that have a diameter of 2.2 inches and a width of about 1.6 inches or slightly bigger

I’d definitely consider the hazmat, code 2, if you prefer something that feels light and even floaty I’d look at the dang and 2012 lio as well. Also pretty light and floaty, and great, is the square wheels Royale. Love that one, though I’m not sure if they’ve released more after the initial run sold out. If you like weighty and solid, but not clumzy, probably the code 2 is what I’d recommend.
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Thanks Sniffy by the way what is the eta on your kitteh code 2 and is it gonna be like the code 2?

Hi. Yes. they are code 2’s in custom anodizations, they’ll include 2 custom strings, custom packaging and some other stuff.
I’m not sure exactly the drop date but I can say the assembly will be on or shortly after the 16th.

You can see details and pics of the custom anos here:
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so i ended up going with the hazmat i just got it today and i love it! ;D

Cool. That’s a great one.
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