What should I get...

So I’ve posted a couple poles a little bit ago asking what yoyo I should get and I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these three: SuperNova, Super G, Code 2. I’ve heard really great things about the supernova and also that it could be one of YYF’s greatest throws. And the Super G because I have a similar style to Gentry Stein and I prefer a lot of the same type of tricks as him… And the code 2 because I know a lot of people love this yoyo and I’ve heard a lot of great things about it as well…
Price range, they’re all around the same price but I think the code 2 is a little bit more expensive, but not much…
So all I ask is that you put down your preferred yo-yo and what you like about it compared to the others and possibly a reason why I would get it over the others.
Thanks! -Yoskater

The price of the Code 2 becomes even more affordable when you realize you can buy side effect and easily change the performance characteristics of the yoyo. Although some other yoyos do use the side effects systems, it’s not the majority of yoyos out there. That’s just something else to think about.

How many side effects are there? Spikes, domes, ultralites, Code 1, Dietz and those new disc ones? Make 6 different yoyos from an affordable set of side effects + the base yoyo.

Nothing against the SuperNova and SuperG, those just aren’t ones I’m interested in.

Of those three here are my thoughts (keep in mind these are from brief periods of throwing):

Supernova: It’s a rather large yo-yo, bigger than my Northstar. The Supernova is really smooth and can easily handle anything you throw at it. Not too heavy or light, but that’s just my personal opinion. This is an excellent player and would be a great choice.

Super G: Once again, full sized (not as big as the Supernova but not far off). I found it to be quite heavy so if that’s not your taste I wouldn’t buy it if I were you. The Super G is extremely stable and has a huge gap. Overall it is a great player and I’d recommend it as long as you like big heavy yo-yos.

Code 2: Lastly the Code 2. I have mixed feelings on this one because I personally was expecting it to be a lot better than it was (maybe it’s just me). Keep in mind I only threw it a few times, and it wasn’t set up for me but that’s beside the point. It’s a great yo-yo, but I just found that it wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. You might think otherwise and so may the whole yo-yo community but that’s just my 2 cents. The Code 2 would be another great choice, just not my taste.

Hope this helps you with your decision!

Don’t forget logo’s, stunt pegs and RSM’s…

Code 2 is great I agree with what has been said. It’s one of my favorites. With that said I also love my supernova. It plays fast and smooth. Can handle lots of tricks and horizontal play on par with the code 2. Side effect are an added feature for the code 2.

I love my Supernova, but I’ve tried a Code 2, and it is just WOW.

I don’t have any of these throws and was hoping to get a code 2 because of all the amazing stuff I’ve heard. I don’t have the cash though. If it were up to me I would go with the code.

OK, thanks guys!
I’ll really take your advice on these, you seem to know them well.

What you think is the best?

Doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what the end user thinks.

I personally like my Code 1 a lot more than my Code 2. That’s just my preferences. However, don’t think you’re gonna get my Code 2 off of me!

I won’t compare the Code 2 against the other two models suggested since I haven’t played them. Let’s put it this way though regarding those YYF yoyos: They are good sellers and well received, so clearly they are also great yoyos.

I’ve only thrown the SuperNova, and only for a day so far. From what I’ve experienced, it is very stable, spins forever, grinds are simply amazing, IRGs are easy, and horizontal play is a snap. I have no idea how it compares to the other two but it is definitely a great choice.

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