Code 2 vs Supernova URGUNT!!

Please state which and why. I want one of these for my birthday (august 1) and my mom said say with by the 30th!!

Bump, guys please!!

I’d say the Code 2. One drop makes quality throws, and the Code 2 is no exception. It can play anyway you want with the benefit of side-effects. It grinds better than the Supernova, and in my opinion, is an all around good yoyo. I’m assuming you perform 1a.

But, I think we need YOUR preferences. The ones above are mine. What size do you prefer? Fast or slow? What shape? What’s your style?

I have both the old Supernova (pre-2012) and a Code 2. Assuming the 2012 Supernova plays similar to the old one, I’d go with the Supernova. The Supernova feels more stable to me. It’s also 15 dollars less which is a plus.

My style is slow and steady, and 1a. I need something stable (as in it does’nt tilt too much)

Stability and doesn’t tilt is based on your throw. Work on that, the rest will fall into line.

Code 2 all the way. 1A, 5A, good! But I haven’t played the Supernova either. So, it’s not a fair statement. But I have 2 Code2’s. I also got the disc side effects, and in one Code2, I really like that combination over the stock spike. The side effects allow you to change the personality with a cost-effective, fast, reversible and easy swap-out.

Thank you, I’ll go with the Code 2.


Forgot to add the WHY…

It’s a crazy staple throw… spins long and solid… you have the added benefit of the Side Effects… want a little lighter? Grab some UL or Domes… want to really get that hit the bottom of the string feel? Grab some brass or discs… the SE is both the greatest innovation and most underrated innovation in a long time…

Supernova is a nice throw - but the Code2 is more versatile and even a bit of future proofing…

If you really want a choice between truly comparable throws - supernova vs OD Burnside

Ehh Supernova, the USA made ones.