Code 2 and Di base or supernova di base and the chaser?

I’ve benen looking on supernova à long time but many people says that code 2 is à awesome throw. So i cant decide.

Code 2s are sweet. Supernovas are sweet. Supernova is my current favorite throw so much so that it’s the only yoyo over $100 that I own multiples of. Just buy whatever you think looks sweet.

Supernova is $85…

Code 2 all the way.

I personally really like the “Patience Grasshopper” and the “Deep Space” colorway as well as the Nickel and Soda blasted versions. Be sure to look around BST and the various different sites to find the colorway you really want.

Plus you can adjust the weight to your exact preference.

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It depends on what supernova you are talking about. I only want the 7075 supernova since they are the ones that play the best. Code 2s are easy to come by but 7075 supernovas are not so I say get a supernova if you can. They both are great yoyos but if I had to choose I would say supernova.

Well, I have the Chaser, Di Base and Code 2 and have no interest in the SuperNova. Don’t take my lack of interest to mean it’s bad, it’s just not one I have my eye on purchasing.

Code 2 by far. I like it even better with disc side effects. The extra weight and how it’s pished out a bit really enhances the stability and playability on an already awesome throw. I have one Code 2 stock, and the other with disc side effects. I want to get some silver aluminum spikes for my stock one so as to contrast from the zombie thunderstorm colorway(as well as a second pair for my Twisted Strings HazMat that is black/black).

I will agree with Slade about the 7075 probably being a better player and especially about them being harder to get. It’s worth the extra money. If you’re on a budget, well, I’d say Di Base. The Chaser I feel is designed to compete with the Protostar for speed, but the Northstar for weight, yet I still like it.

Can’t go wrong with any of the choices. I’d push for the Code 2 if at all possible.

I wasn’t aware that you knew the price of my American 7075 Supernovas better than I did.

I didn’t know you guys were talking about 7075, as it was not stated before my comment

Hopefully next time you won’t try and be a wiseguy and assume things.

Sorry for asking but what 7075 supernova (i mean the nummers)

It’s the type of aluminium that’s used to machine it. It’s generally either made of 6061 or 7075. I believe that 7075 is denser.

So how do I know if it’s a. 7075?

When you select your colorway (if you order here) choose the one that says ‘(USA Made)’. Those Supernovae are made in the USA, and are manufactured with 7075 aluminum. I have a 7075 Supernova, and it’s great.
Also, keep in mind that the 7075 Supernova has a polished finish, so it is not as good for grinding as other yoyos.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks!