Under 100$ Recommendation

Hey guys, usually I don’t ask for tips, but I am today. I have no preferences, nothing. DOn’t say “It is all opinion”, or “What specs do you like?”, just recommend something. If you have something used in this price range, mostly a chief, pm me. Otherwise I was checking out the Mo-vitation, but just say what you think I should get.

I love my supernova

Thanks me too, but I think the USA are overpriced, jsut because I dont like paying over 100$ for a yoyo that isnt CLYW or General-yo. I was actually considering a ricochet, even though it is a *bit out of my price range

Code 2 all day.

If you know of a used one let me know! I was thinking that, but I hat how it has a glossy, tumbled feel. I would just blast it right away, wasting my money. I bought one like 30seconds after they released last year and traded it the next week. Mostly because of the finish

I cannot recommend the Catalyst highly enough, particularly the 7075 version which you may be able to hunt down on the BST. I have owned both versions and I think they’re fantastic. I haven’t been a huge YYF fan, but had really only owned lower priced throws until I picked this up. It really is worth every cent. Also I’d say that you certainly couldn’t go wrong by picking up a Burnside, even the 7075 version I think fits your price range, or at least is thereabouts. You can also find Freq.Wavs in stock places. Another excellent throw. In my humble opinion, I like all three of these more than the Code 2. Happy hunting.

EDIT: Sorry I also totally forgot that I’m sure you could pick up a Skywalker for under $100 on the BST. Smooth Skywalkers are dreamy.

Could you provide a list of what you have considering the fact I recommended something you already have? Thanks

I have all general yo, catalyst, supernovas, remnant, a few others that arent things yyou can still buy, so I wont list all of those.

I’ve heard tremendous things about the burnside by one drop. The al5 by 3yo3 seems to be a great yoyo. It the same shape as the ti5. You could find a code 2 or code 1 on the bst I believe that clyw has both on his.

Anybody that has PLAYED a 7075 majesty, do you reccommend that over anything that I could currently buy at yye?

Mind rephrasing that?

Is there anything that could currently be bough(In stock) here at yye better than one?

In my opinion?

Such as?

These are all probably a tad more than 100 just saying

Summit, It just agrees with everything i do. Not much to say
It handles tricks smoothly an flawlessly
Seriously, in my top 5

Burniside. Stable and to the point. I’d Imagine the 7075 would play more smilarly to say a 7075 Majesty but with more weight and more spin by compariosn

The Barracuda. This baby is So good. It plays like. a Gleipnir with the Weighting of a cascade.
The spin and the power are that of the Gleipnir, and the smoothness and float are that of a cascade. Get on this

Irony JP. Boy oh boy This thing plays like pure power. Thats all. its just pure power and stability.
Simple and just is able to handle the longest combos. Honestly, It doesnt feel like it has as much Character due to being pure comp based, but for sure it will play to the most insane caliber you can imagine

Theres probably more
but these are from the top of my head

Alright, I am either getting an Irony JP, or Majesty (If I can get one)

JP Is better at play
and Majesty has more character
and is much heavier on the string

ALright, well I am going for a pmm, if I dont get it I will get the JP, or a used chief

I have the 7075 Majesty. It’s pretty nice. I don’t think new it’s in your price range. I think I paid $140 for it, but I can’t recall. I personally prefer the KLR better.

I own a BA Majesty, and I would add a DS Wrath to the mix and as far as pure yoyoing fun goes I’d also say I prefer the La Goutte. Both of these are in stock at YYE for $110.