would you do this trade?


Hey guys, I tried a red code 2 is pretty good condition (black spikes) and he tried my blue supernova with black specs and purple splash. His code 2 comes with the normal stock stuff, and I changed my supernovas pads with yyf orange pads, and I have a Buddha ripple bearing in it. My supernova has around 15 dings, some small, 1 bigger. And the code 2 has like 2 dings. What pads and bearing does the code 2 come with? Should I do this!?! Should I switch the bearing in my supernova to the glat yyf stock bearing then trade?

Oh, also the code 2 had engravings, it started with an “N” and was hard to say kinda.

Would you do it?

(Owen) #2

lol hale yes


It’s obvious, if you do trade he’s the one that’s taking a loss xD

If you decide you dont like it you can sell for $90 and get a brand new supernova ;D




This may sound contradictory to my BST, but pretty much any OD is worth more than a YYF.


Im not traiding with u XD lol

Okay, thanks guys, I guess im getting a code 2!!!

Its red, green string would look awesome on that, right!


Pretty sure yours isn’t a 7075 anyway lol