should i trade my first metal?

Hey guys, I want to trade my supernova for a code 2, but my supernova is my first (and only XD) metal, would you do it?

Depends on how much sentimental value it has. I know I’d never trade my Zen 4 I love that thing to death.

You already made 2 other threads asking in the past few hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, I regret trading a few of my metals, but I got one of them back and it’s got that sentiment. I say trade it and keep an eye on it like ask the person you trade it to who he traded it to in case you ever want it back.

Yup. And they all asked the exact same question, just worded differently… Why can’t this all be one thread? I mean, a bunch of people responded to your other two threads and said yes.,63898.0.html,63896.msg685316.html#msg685316

Same threads, same question. But It depends on the sentimental value. Personally, I wouldn’t, but I would be hard pressed to turn down a deal like the one you got. I say go for it. If you don’t like the Code 2, just sell it and buy a new Supernova.

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The other 2 asked if I should trade it for a supernova, and I didn’t know where yo post it, so I losted it in help and general yoyo talk… But now I dont know if I should trade my first metal. Thee a little different I guess ::slight_smile:

“Hey guys, I tried a red code 2 is pretty good condition (black spikes) and he tried my blue supernova with black specs and purple splash. His code 2 comes with the normal stock stuff, and I changed my supernovas pads with yyf orange pads, and I have a Buddha ripple bearing in it. My supernova has around 15 dings, some small, 1 bigger. And the code 2 has like 2 dings. What pads and bearing does the code 2 come with? Should I do this!?! Should I switch the bearing in my supernova to the flat yyf stock bearing then trade?”

Same question…

Whatever! Only 1 person answered to “should I trade my first metal”

I may have the solution to your problem good sir. I hope you do appreciate my handiwork. I’m getting tired of this, you have to sift through repetetive questions on the daily.

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PLEASE quit making threads all the time. Pretty much all I see when I scroll through the boards now is yoyo143, yoyo143, and yoyo143. Of course we will always answer your questions, but when you go making MULTIPLE threads a DAY it does get a little tedious and somewhat irritating, especially knowing you can ask all your questions in ONE thread. Don’t worry, we WILL see your questions if you put them in one thread, there isn’t a need to go making multiple threads about related topics. It clutters up the forum quite a bit.


About trading your Supernova… I don’t really know how sentimental you get about things. but I don’t know if I personally could trade my first metal away. On the other hand, however, you have to remember that’s a fantastic deal- a Supernova for a Code 2. If the Supernova wasn’t my first metal I would do it, but since it’s your first I don’t know if I would. Do whatever your heart feels. Please just don’t go making a whole thread about it.


3 threads on the first page are his, 2 asking the same thing xD

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Code twos are awesome.

Honestly, I am not the sentimental type. I have sold my first bearing yoyo, my first wing shaped, my first metal, my first unresponsive, and my first offstring. So yeah…LOL. I do feel connected to a yoyo when it has a definite place in my collection though…it ain’t never leaving then, if you know what I mean.

Personally, I do not like trading or buying used. I always buy my throws new (usually from here). BUT, in your case, since you don’t mind trading, I would do it if you think you would like the CODE2 better. I mean, do you especially like how the Supernova plays? If so, keep it. If not, trade it. Simple, right? LOL.

Trade the darn yoyo so we can stop hearing about it.


Only if the Yoyo feels sentimental to me cause that’s just how I am.

I traded my first. Kinda miss it, kinda don’t. If your on the fence in the first place then go for it. If it was that sentimental the thought wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

i didn’t think about sentimental value until about like a year after I traded mine, but, it was one of my three yoyos that got me the rest I have now…