Your Best Trade

This is a thread where you can post your very best trade you’ve ever had. Please don’t list people by name! Everyone please be nice when telling your story, no need to start a flame war. Some people have different values of yoyos so a great trade for me could be crap for someone else so don’t be rude.

My best trade: I traded star bright a speeder 2 and 15$ for mint lb bassalope

Traded $100 for a General Yo 5 Star and a General Yo B-Grade Essence.

The 5 Star is mine, the Essence is my brothers. We split the cost 50/50, so technically $50 for a General Yo 5 Star.

Throwdown luchador for an OG peak + crash

back in the day

Wow. Now that’s a deal!!

I am pretty fair will trading

Best so far I think would be 105 for a brand new puffin. Saved 50 bucks, and it is the color way I liked the best :wink:

Trading cards for a Hectic
Hectic for a Wedgie
Wedgie for an Eneme and Campfire
Eneme for two iPods
Campfire for a Project
Project for the same Wedgie and a Crucifier
Sold Crucifier, kept Wedgie.

So that’s two iPods, money, and a Wedgie for some YYE cards.

Chief for Gnarwhal and Hatrick
Hatrick for beat chief
Gnarwhal for two decacpods
Two decapods for a Falcon and Trident
Trident for a Noctu
Noctu for a half and half
Falcon for a campfire
Campfire for albatross
Albatross for Code 1 plus genesis
Half and half plus code 1 and genesis for FG Chief
FG Chief for FG Ava
FG Ava for Angle
Angle for near mint Chief
Beat chief for FG Puffin
FG Puffin for Gleipnir

So a Chief for a Chief plus a Gleipnir.
So like a free Gleipnir.
And the new chief is better condition and colorway.

Two metal drifters for a campfire

well if we are doing trades over time my best would have to be:

bought avalanche for 77$
Traded avalanche for fools gold peak, addiction, #9, and 25$
Sold peak for 90$
traded addiction for sasquatch
sold sasquatch for 105$
sold #9 for 20$

so pretty much i bought an avalanche for 77$ and sold it for 240$.

I don’t remember what I traded for it but I got a batt for a good deal I remember I was so stoked I threw in a flea for free haha. but recently I traded my peak and marmot and 30$ for an albatross, AC, and Spyder2.

code 2 for g5 and bonechip. pretty good if you ask me.

Traded a BBB Glacier Express for 2 MIB Arctic Circles. Best I’ve done.

Paid $50 for a Genesis. Traded the genesis to my friend for a Markmont Next. Lastly, i traded the MMN for a CLYW Sasquatch($6.60 to ship)

Basically, i paid $56.60 for a saquatch. I think i did pretty well

Loop 900 pair for yuuksta and fiesta xx.

It’s not really a trade, but I think an A-grade MIB Blizzard Puffin for $70 is a pretty fantastic deal.

A very minty blue/gold HM from Alex Kim at a very reasonable price.

A OD Dang for a Gold 09 888 and a Frank’s Slide BvM.

Bought a KLR for $70
Traded the KLR for a Positron
Traded the Positron for 2 MaxBets and a Double Joker

Not sure what I sold those three for. Something like $270.

Bought a Ti Walker for $200
Traded it for a Clash and Messiah
Traded the Messiah for a Sleipnir + $30
Traded the Clash for a Confection, Superstar, and Northstar
Sold the Northstar and Confection for $100
Traded the Superstar for an Avalanche
Traded the Sleipnir for an Avalanche + Void
Bought an SB2 for $20
Traded the SB2 and an Avalanche for a Wet Whistle
Tried stripping the Wet Whistle, didn’t end up so swell
Traded the Wet Whistle for a No. 9
The No. 9 got lost in the mail (-$35)
Traded the Void + $20 for a 3vo + No Jive
Gave the 3vo away
Sold the No Jive for $35

So I started with a Ti Walker and ended up with an Avalanche and -$110.

Ya win some, ya lose some :stuck_out_tongue:

I always lose all. :wink:

I’m not in this to make deals. I’ve traded 4 or 5 metals for the one metal that I wanted. I have the gift and curse of having a steady paycheck. So I buy it, try it, don’t like it, sell it for WAY less than I bought it for, and buy the next one.

I traded 4 yoyos for a mint Skywalker back in the day.
Sold my soul to the devil for a Ti-Walker, tried to sell it, but the deal fell through thankfully. It’s a beauty.

Sorry, I have to go. The dark overlord is beckoning. I have to go to work.

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I would say my small bearing Genesis, which I’d consider a collector, mint for $40.