Your Best Trade

So what’s your best trade or trade sequence?

Mine is…

Traded Speedaholic and 4 dollars for TA-1s. Traded TA-1s for Mangaroo. Traded Mangaroo for beat supernova. Traded beat supernova for a near mint Capless ;D

What’s yours?

I traded o pair of oronge spike side effects for a YYJ Theory

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What on earth lol

I know right!

the person I traded with said "I know Im kinda getting riped off on this deal but I dont have any money to buy my own side effects so all I can do is trade "

Now that I think about it, I havent really had any amazing trades. Ive gotten some insane deals though… $100 for a 2010 Severe, Pacquiao, and Y Factor, $100 for a Phenom, 10 10-ball concave bearings, $10 for a dm2, etc.

But as for trades, the best one Ive had was probably a beat, vibey dm1 for a MIB dingo. But I havent traded that much anyways, haha

Let’s see

My chief for

Kick side
Loop 900 pair
Go big



??? Must be a “special” chief ::slight_smile:

Best deal I had was $70 for a ILYY fury, YYF Genesis, and freq wave. all mint.

I had the opportunity to trade my Yeti for a Ava, Yelets and $10.

Traded my B-Grade prestige for a Bad*** Majesty.

B-grade M10, Darkstar, Starlite for a Chief.

I never trade yo-yos. I buy or sell. But, once I traded $150 and a leather yo-yo holder for a Sovereign. I consider that a fair trade though. :-\

I believe fair trades to be the best! I don’t like feeling that I took advantage of someone anymore than I like being taken advantage of. Having said that, I’ve traded yoyos of higher value for something that I liked more. I consider that a fair trade. :wink:

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It was over a year of trading, I’m getting that chief on Monday.

I feel the same way. The only time I take advantage of anyone is in person at contests if some kid is being a jerk while trading, then I try to negotiate in my favor a bit more. I used to always rip myself off in person because I was always super nervous, though, but now I’ve gotten better about that.

The best deals I’ve had were:

-an iPod Touch for a mint 28 Stories Wooly Marmot and about 10 Higby painted FHZs, FH2s, and Proyos
-a 2010 G5 with a couple dings and a Fiesta XX for a Wooly Marmot

By far the worst deals for me were:
-Literally every Higby yoyo stated above for some 3yo3 delrin, and a OneStar proto

-a mint C3 SCEPTRE (want that back so bad), a RecRev Fig.4, and a white DM2 for a Bape Genesis, Roll Model, Classic and Replay

My Puffin for a Dreadnaught, Crucial AYCE, Token, One and Asteroid.

I’ve got a lot of them. One that sticks out in my memory was my skittles skywalker for a wrath, gnar and oxy io.

At worlds I got 2 2010 pink acid wash severes for $30 for both. Best. Deal. Evar. One was dinged a bit, one was near mint. I have no idea where they went lol…

Traded a MYY T5 for beat Catalyst
Polished the catalyst, traded it for an ILYY Josy Ann
Traded the Josy Ann for a beat Code 2 and 2 unleashed
Traded the Code 2 for a near mint Royale

So a MYY T5 for a Royale and 2 unleashed

My Chief for a Supernova, Theory, Classic, Chaser, and Psg.

Trading cards for Hectic
Hectic for Wedgie
Wedgie for Eneme and Campfire
-Eneme for two iPods
Campfire for Project
Project for same Wedgie and Crucifier
Crucifier for cash

So I end up with two iPods, a Wedgie, and cash for some trading cards.

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BBB Glacier Express for TWO MIB Arctic Circles.