Your Best Trade

Picked up Jason Wongs 20,000 Leagues Positron for a Grassy Lake Chief plus some goodies.

Hey… Lol.

The Dietz and Cascade I traded my money for with people on the BST were by far my best deals since the prices I paid were just really low in general and the Dietz is my absolute favorite undersized and the Cascade is about tied with the AC as my favorite yoyo period.

I traded a dinged up Echo for a love tapped Mayhem. Not bad if you ask me.

beater dietz and revolution for a near mint acid phenom.

I got the revolution for a weird playing worlds gobig which i got for a pill which i got for a superwide which i bought for $10.

My best would have to be…

Bought a comp grade KLR for $72
Traded the KLR for a Positron
Traded the Positron for two Max Bets and a Double Joker

Traded my cliff for a cascade, code 1, 54, 3 pairs extra side effects, strings, and $40 cash

I haven’t done too many trades. I do feel my trade of a YYF Rockstar in order to get a Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist was a great trade.

that seems like a roughly no-gain/no-loss for you trade, but what do i know, maybe you love the monkey fist and hated the rockstar. Was the rockstar the new one or the old one?

Here are a few highlight trades I’ve made over the years:

custom ano Genesis and Custom Ano Punchline for a Toshiba Laptop

2 winning birds for a moonwalker, traded the moon walker for a Ti walker, Custom ano essence, and $50

Traded a cliff for: Glide, 2 2012 supernovas, code2, cascade, genesis+, YWET, Equilateral, TMBR Irving, alpha crash, velocity, and some other various plastics

This sounds so funny XD

Bought a mint 1st run KLR(Half black/green) for 35 8)

Wouldn’t matter. I don’t care for the Rockstar. This was obtained as part of a larger deal, and the Rockstar was gonna just get traded of.

I came out slightly ahead. As I said, I don’t do much trading. I mostly do purchases.

I did get the RockStar and a YoYoSkeel Stalker for $100. I enjoy the Stalker.


For a Prototype AG2

And thats my capless he is talking about first page :wink:

lol modman10

i traded a proton for a puffin, funny thing is that the other party offered the puffin.

What kind of FHZ was it?

Was the Cliff adorned with fine gems and precious metals? Wow

888x for 07 Stealth 888 and Popstar