Trading UP and UP and UP!

Any crazy stories of how you guys have traded something small and insignificant up in a series of multiple trades into something worthwhile? Someone told me a story of how they started with a DV888 and after a couple extremely lucky trades and $20 spent, they had a PEAK!!!

Yeah that was a year of trades and sales and luck, LOTS OF LUCK.

I got a chief for trading something my ex girlfriend payed for LOL

Nothing lucky so far, mostly just fair trades. XP

Garage sale free soda machine for a Mint and dead smooth Cryo Arctic Circle.

Took awhile…

You gotta tell this story dude

I started with a wooly marmot 2… I ended with a wooly marmot 2 and $1000

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

you can ask yoyospirit about this. I spent 30 on a 08 888 and traded it for a string theory orion and that to a beat ogopogo bvm and that and 50 for a second run wintergreen peak

so happy about that one

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I always like to say this one, but back in the day I traded a luchador for one of the original painted peaks.

Alrighty, here goes nothing (to be honest 40 dollars was involved with the garage sale worthy machine).

My friend wanted the soda machine we were gonna give away on the street, so he traded me his satined rims Dingo for it.

With that Dingo I got a TA-1.

Then, along with a cheap deal sweetener, beat RecRev No. 9, I traded the TA-1 for a FG Avalanche.

I traded the FG Ava + 40$ for an H5XChief.

Then traded the H5XChief for the almighty AC (it even had it’s original box). The guy was awesome.

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I plead the fifth.

That takes the cake.

There’s already been a few threads similar to this, but I’ll go ahead and quote my post from those ones here:

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i forget many of the yo-yos i have traded over the years, but the best trades i’ve made = the best friends i’ve made. if you are doing it right, both people are always trading up.

That’s the stuff right there.

I once gave a guy a free Arctic Circle in a trade just because I didn’t really like it. He’d probably have a better story to tell here than I do. I tend to not really care about the monetary/collectors value of yoyos as much as how much I enjoy them, so I’m happy to trade an expensive throw I don’t like for a cheaper one that I do.

In other words, I’m the kind of bloke who would trade a Peak for a DV888. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t keep track of my trades any more. After about 30 trades it gets kinda hard to follow.
But I never trade down.

i traded a puffin 2 for a different color puffin 2 once

but yeah i dont really recall any trades ive made that i felt were massively in my favor. i only offer trades that i feel are completely fair and i probably ignore pms from kids who would grossly over offer for any of my yoyos because their messages are so poorly worded that i have no desire to deal with them. plus i am not a fan of trading one yoyo down to multiples of lesser value even if its slightly in my favor