Your Most Interesting BST deal.

Hey there, Just wondering what some people out there’s most unique, strange, or out there deals/trades that you have made With and For YOYO’s. (Meaning the end result is SOMEONE either Shipping or Receiving at least ONE Yoyo in the Trade - Just Please dont post a bunch of NYYR trades.)

So far My 2 most interesting were:

Specialized Rockhopper (needed alotta love lol) for - VsNYYC The Work Battosai

AKAI APC40 - for YYR Dreadnought and OD Obsidian MMN

Hope to hear of some interesting ones from others :slight_smile:

So you traded a $1200 bike for three yoyos and a thingy?

I traded a Mint Dark magic for a sunset just 1. Felt like a dummy it was my first trade and I had just started throwing.

YYE trading cards for a Hectic
Hectic for a Wedgie
Wedgie for an Eneme and a Campfire
Eneme for two iPods
Campfire for a Project
Project for the same Wedgie and a Crucifier
Crucifier for monies

YYE cards = Wedgie, two iPods, money.

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You sir, Are a genius.

I had a Mountain Bike, which i traded for a mib Battosai,
The recently i was offerered the Dread and the MMN for my APC 40 :slight_smile:

And Patrick., Thats friggin awesome!

… now i ma put YYE trading cards on my b/s/t lol

anyways… i traded a CLYW Hat for ILYY E1NS although the bearing and axle was bad … i think it was a good deal.

Red paper clip.

Turned about 140$ into a Catch22 through trading.

I’m kind of in the middle of a very interesting trade right now. If everything turns out right in the end I’ll post it here.

This stretch of trades started in September:

3 PS2 games and one Xbox360 game for a satined Project 1
Project 1 for a mint SPYY Spyder
And I’m not trying to figure out a trade for that Spyder for a smaller CLYW

I also traded two used sunsets (that I got for $20/pair) and a minty Unleashed for a near mint Battousai (it’s smooth and everything, only thing is that it’s got paint beneath the rims that you can’t see if you look at it directly from the side)

I also bought a Phenomizm from someone, and the day it got here, traded it to someone else for a SMOOTH, beater Avalanche. Amazing trade, which has gotten me obsessed with finding beat throws because you don’t have to worry about dinging it. (I did enjoy that Phenomizm for the few hours I threw it, so I would like to replace it at one point)

Sounds like Xdohl’s blue string project

I started with a few yoyojams, and through a process of selling and trading, I bought a 1,300 dollar camera from money from that alone.

I went from a New Breed to two FH2’s that were modded, turned one of those into a PGM, traded the FH2 and the PGM for a Frantic, the Frantic for a Boss, the Boss for a Cream, the Cream for a G5, the G5 for a Cut, the Cut for an 08 888, the 888 for a Hyper FHZ and a Luke Vader FHZ and a Hayabusa.

Idk how interesting it is as far as deals go, but I find it really fun to track what I got for what, seeing how a chain of yoyos can lead to what is in my case today.

In addition to yoyo’s I also collect designer boardgames. I recently traded a few games, (Dixit, Castle Panic, and a couple of others) for a 2010 Void (which is now one of my favorite yoyo’s!)