FS/FT: OneDrop: Code 1, Code 2+more || YYF Supernova and more!

FIRST: DON’T PM ME WITH VAGUE OFFERS OR ONE LINERS LIKE: “trade??” That isn’t helpful at all. Thanks!

Alright the following are for sale because I need to reduce my collection lol. Feel free to offer a reasonable price. NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL!!! WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! :slight_smile:



YYF Supernova $40: has several scratches and pinpricks, The worst of the damage is pictured. It’s a pretty smooth throw though!

One Drops:
Code 1 $50: Smooth and very near mint. It has a few scratches shown but none of them are very bad.

Code 2 $45: Has one ding on one half of it. This is a Code 2 from the first run released at PNWR last year. Its a great throw and a very vibrant orange!
M1 $35: has two matching dings on either side. They are both pictured!

P2 $20: This one is pretty beat because I used it a TON. A good throw to not worry about beating up. It has vibe but still works.

Dingo $25: MINT. Awesome. yep!

DTI Bassboost $20: This bassboost is mint and is custom anoed by Vendetta. I got this throw a few years back and It came with a bothersome vibe. If you don’t mind the vibe, it’s a cool piece!

Thanks for your time!  :)

I will trade for your supernova

Please pm me!