fs/ft od yyf and more !!!!!!

ok so this is my bst

one drop y factor: it is a very smooth and stable throw it is a green hardcoat edition it has 2 minor dings and is a great player 75$ shipped

yyf yuuksta: a very good stable small smooth player it is half purple and half black it is basically a beater so about 40$ shipped

yyf mint dv888: mint and silver smoothest thing ever it is literally like silk so lets say 30 $ shipped for this one

yyf protostar: very good best protostar ive ever thrown it has about like 6 dings and is half green and half red lets say 20$ shipped

yyf northstar: orange 2-3 small dings and very smooth it is very good lets say 25$ shipped

one drop 54
one drop code 1 !!!
clyw sasquatch!
clyw avalanche!!!
clyw gnarwhal!!!
yyf genesis
yyf superstar
yyf supernova
yyf mvp
yyj phenom
yyj phenomizm
yyf rockstar !!!
yyf chaotic!!!
yyf skyline!!!
crucial delicious!!!
yyf severe
cyyc del toro
cyyc heavy hitter
hspin icon
spyy punchline
spyy punchline repeater
spyy pro
yyf dna

cash money !!!


ill upload pics wednesday

Dude a DV888 is $45 NEW

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i noticed that too. Rather buy a new one :smiley:

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