Fellavader BST! For sale only! Yyj, Onedrop, yyf! Priced to move! Updated summit

Yyj go big swagger edition. 20$ a couple marks but looks awesome.

Yyj ringmaster. Mint 25$

Yyj theory a couple marks asking 30$

Yyj trinity. Mint asking 60$

Onedrop/clyw summit walking dead color way. One small mark pictured 85$ shipped. By another yoyo get the summit for 60$

Yyj Hex mint in box and the box is cool. Asking 80$ sold

Onedrop code two. One small mark asking 60$sold

Yyf north star. Yellow has a cracked cap and marks asking 10$ if you buy another yoyo. Blue asking 15$ with another yoyo.

Take everything at once for 140$

would u be will willing to trade one of them throws for a surge and popstar?

how is it a bst if its sale only