FS: One Drop Y Factor 60$ !!!!!!!!

I have a slightly beat Y Factor for sale. It was my first metal so lots of play time. BUT it is still very smooth and balanced. $60 or 55

I also have two Protostars. One is plays like out of the box and the other I have no clue. ONLY BOTH FOR $45

Also a FIRST GENERATION SPEED DIAL. This is the yoyo that got me started years ago, but only until about 7 months ago did I start taking yo-yoing seriously. My least played yoyo looking for a master $20

Last thing(s) is a somewhat scratched Duncan Metal Drifter WITH THE SMALL CENTER TRAC still plays like new 20 And a solid green FHZ 10 ANY OF THOSE COME WITH COUNTER WEIGHTS

BUY ALL 6 FOR 140$

Email me for pictures; porschecop@gmail.com

id realy like to buy this yoyo but i dont have the money yet so ill try to get back yo you on this in about 1 week or two but ill probably buy it for $60