FS: Y-Factor, Raptor

I’m looking to sell, so I probably won’t accept any trade offers, but it doesn’t hurt to try (I like undersized). Discounts for multiple purchases.

For payment, I prefer Paypal, but anything’s fine. All prices are OBO and include First Class shipping without tracking. PM all offers please. All offers, cash or trade, will be considered.

One Drop Y-Factor - Very near mint. There’s a tiny spot in the middle of the bottom half of the left rim in the second pic. Awesome player; One Drop really knows how to make a yoyo. $60 $55 $50!

Duncan Raptor - Very near mint. In fact, I think it’s mint, but I’m calling it near-mint just in case I missed a pinprick or something. Anyway, this yoyo is an incredible player for its price, and really opened my eyes to what Duncan is capable of nowadays. Definitely worth your time. $35 $30 $27!

YYF Shaqler Wood - A fun wooden throw. I’ll sell it for $7 shipped alone, or $5 $3 with any other throw.

2010 YYF WYYC - Mint or very near mint. A fun mini-yo, with amazing play for its size. Traded for a Starlite
CLYW Avalanche - Very near mint, with one tiny mark visible in the second pic. Black with bright pink speckle. Sold for $90
CLYW Campfire - Small scuffs visible in the picture, but you can’t feel it on grinds. A great undersized throw from CLYW. Sold for $55
String Theory Singularity - Looks like someone started to strip the anodization on one side and gave up almost immediately. Great little pocket yoyo. Sold for $35

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