PRICES DROPPED OneDrop, YYF, Duncan, YYJ, Diabolo!!! FS/FT


Left To Right via Picture.
-Duncan Brown Raptor MINT w/caps $25
-YYF Dv888 Black/Silver Splash 2 flat spots 7/10 vibe $15
-YYJ Green NewBreed scatches on rims no caps $20
-YYJ Fever Red plays decent scratches on rims no caps $15
-YYJ Big Yo beater Offstring $10
-Higby Diabalo $10
-One Drop Vanguard MIB $35
OPEN TO ALL OFFERS!!! will take damaged trades $30+ includes shipping…
-YYF Offstring TRADED
-YYF 2016 SuperStar TRADED
-YYF Auqa A-Grade 2007 888 SOLD
-SpinDynamics Red Flow TRADED
-YYJ 2005 SpinFaktor HGSOLD

(system) #12