Hey all,

I have a bunch of YoYo’s for sale. I haven’t been able to play all that much lately so I’d rather get some money out of them instead of them collect dust. Check them out, I’ll post at least a picture shortly. Feel free to ask questions and make offers.

  • OneDrop P2, Jackie Moon Fade, small dent doesn’t go through paint $80 !PENDING!
  • YYF Frantic, Yellow, Minor satin job to fix a scuff $45
  • K2J Warning Line, Red/Green, very mint $50
  • YYJ Xconvict JD Special Edition Red/Black, Mint $45
  • YYJ Axiom, Copper, a couple of scuffs $50
  • YYF OS Fast, Offstring convertible, good condition $10
  • CLYW/SPYY Galactic Goose, Darker color (I forget the name) MINT MINT MINT $90

I will also be selling ONE of the following, as I love them both. It all depends on which gets better offers.

  • HSPIN Pyro, Ghost (Silver/White) MINT $OFFER
  • CLYW Peak, Wolf Lake Edition (Blue/Silver) MINT $OFFER

I’m not interested in trades, money only. I accept Paypal, Cashier’s checks, Personal Checks (allow time to clear). All prices include shipping.

Please make offers via PM.

Thanks all!


Personal Message’d

Would you be willing to part with just the OS rims?

PM’d. Let the negotiations begin

would you take 70 for the p2?