Hey all,

I have a bunch of YoYo’s for sale. I haven’t been able to play all that much lately so I’d rather get some money out of them instead of them collect dust. Check them out, I’ll post at least a picture shortly. Feel free to ask questions and make offers.

  • OneDrop P2, Jackie Moon Fade, small dent doesn’t go through paint $80 !PENDING!
  • YYF Frantic, Yellow, Minor satin job to fix a scuff $45
  • K2J Warning Line, Red/Green, very mint $50
  • YYJ Xconvict JD Special Edition Red/Black, Mint $45
  • YYJ Axiom, Copper, a couple of scuffs $50
  • YYF OS Fast, Offstring convertible, good condition $10
  • CLYW/SPYY Galactic Goose, Darker color (I forget the name) MINT MINT MINT $90

I will also be selling ONE of the following, as I love them both. It all depends on which gets better offers.

  • HSPIN Pyro, Ghost (Silver/White) MINT $OFFER
  • CLYW Peak, Wolf Lake Edition (Blue/Silver) MINT $OFFER

I’m not interested in trades, money only. I accept Paypal, Cashier’s checks, Personal Checks (allow time to clear). All prices include shipping.

Please make offers via PM.

Thanks all!




Personal Message’d

(Mitch) #9

Would you be willing to part with just the OS rims?


PM’d. Let the negotiations begin

(Joshhh) #12

would you take 70 for the p2?

(system) #14