YYF FIRST GENERATION SPEED DIAL Y Factor, Protostars, Metal Drifter, Bassline


Y Factor+Metal Drifter(includes the counter weight)-$85; there are about 12 dings on it but it is still veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy smooth and plays awesome. The MD plays like it did out of the box but has sustained a few 5a drops and walk-the-dogs, THIS COMES WITH A D-SIZED CENTER TRAC
Can only buy both, no exceptions

Two Protostars, red and blue-$45 for both of them; the red one is near out of the box condition while the blue one…has a problem nothing a little glue can’t fix (the cap is COMPLETELY busted off on one side while the other side is perfect condition)

Now listen closely: I have a MINT 3Yo3 powder coat Bassline, ONE OF TEN MADE. It hinders grinds a bit but is still fabulous and I want to TRADE THIS FOR A NORMAL MINT BASSLINE.

As for the Speed Dial…this is the yoyo that got me started 3 1/2 years ago. Still plays nice and IS ALOT BETTER THAN PEOPLE SAY!!! Very fun and in my opinion, is the best superlight weight yoyo out there

Will trade BUT prefer your money


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