Keeping for now, all done
Take all remaining throws for $70 shipped!
Free shipping on multiples, otherwise add $5. Add 4% for PP fees if paying as goods and services. Willing to deal on multiples. Any questions, pm me.

$45 One Drop Downbeat - Green, near mint. Smooth, no damage. GONE

$45 One Drop NQP Summit - Green with clear wash and purple splash. Believe it is NQP due to the green bleeding into the silver (see last pic). Plays great, no damage, buddha whipple installed. GONE

$40 One Drop Code 2 - Black with clear and pink splash. 2 small, feelable dings and a line of broken ano (not feelable). Damage pictured as well as camera will allow. Has a buddha whipple ceramic installed.

$35 YYF 2016 Superstar - Black, think there are some scratches on the SS rings, nothing feelable GONE

$20 YYF Replay Metal - Mystery box throw for 2015 worlds, played very little. can’t find any damage.

$15 CLYW Big Dipper - Emerald/Milkshake half swap. Literally just got in a trade. A few very, very faint lines/scratches on rims. Not sure if from play or manufacturing. Threw once to check for vibe, very smooth for a non-delrin plastic IMO. GONE

$15 YYF Severe (White) - Cups are dirty from case, will wipe down. 1 or 2 scuffs. played very little GONE

$15 YYF Regen - Black on black. Minor scratches.

$20 YYJ Revival - Minor scratches on rims, nothing feelable. GONE

$10 Duncan Freehand Pro - well played, minor scratches on rims. pretty sure i can dig up the red dice counterweight it came with

Freebies - Black severe is what is left. GONE


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