Gabe's FS: Price Drop! Cascade, Avalanche, Shutterfly Code2

Welcome to my BST

Location: Canada
Payment: Paypal only

I am mainly looking to only ship within North America, but we can discuss international shipping, just pm me. :slight_smile:

Please take a look at all of 'em

I am only looking for money right now so I can buy some computer parts! I may negotiate on some of the prices. Just make some offers! But please no lowballs

Shipping prices are to North America only, we can discuss international shipping (Just PM me)

CLYW Avalanche Purple with green spots. Quite a few marks on the rims. Some shown in pictures. Still plays very smooth and one of my favourites. - $80 Shipped Or best offer

OneDrop Cascade Blue and Green. Mint. Smooth. Plays great. - $85 Shipped Or best offer

OneDrop Code2 Shutterfly edition. This one is also very near mint, one tiny mark that I once again could not picture. Smooth - $70 Shipped Or best offer

Below are a collection of yoyos I will sell for $130 shipped, for all of them Their individual prices are listed.

Included are:

sOMETHING FIRMY - I heart something edition. Blue. Smooth $40 shipped
c3yoyo Capless - Purple and pink with box. One mark on the rim. Smooth and one of my favorite budget throws $45 shipped
Yoyofactory Northstar Blue. Scratches and it was overtightened so the hub got messed up, shown in picture. Still plays moderately smooth with some wobble -$15 shipped, would only like to throw in with something else
Empire Design Sun Black. Some surface scratches. This yoyo is quite a nice throw. It actually plays sort of like a plastic Code1. Smooth. -$25 shipped
Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 White. Scratches and nicks and bumps. Most of the damage is shown in the photo. Still pretty smooth. -$25 shipped, also looking to throw this in with something else.

The Supernovas have been bought

VsNYYC Proto Battosai SOLD

MIP Square Wheels Proto Royale SOLD

OneDrop Code1SOLD

Yoyofactory supernova SOLD

Yoyofactory supernova SOLD

CLYW Arctic Circle SOLD

I have a peak for you

Bump, Money is highly preferred (Or sky walkers of course :wink: )

can i hav the sasquach for 80 :)? if not ill pay the 85 :slight_smile:

Bump. Need these gone. Lowered the code 2 price.

interested in code 2.really.

Bump, will sell all for 200 shipped

Bump, will sell both for 175 shipped.

Bump, lowered prices.

Bump, need to sell these, excepting reasonable offers.

Bump, prices lowered a lot.

Long awaited bump, new wants, new throw

Bump. Burnside gone.

crazy new bump, way more stuff added. Please take a look. Let me know if you are interested

Bump, please give me your best offer!

bump, make offers!

Bumppp, start of school

Bumppppp, Im selling most of my collection

Bump, give me some offers!

Free bump for good stuff!

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