FS/FT: YYR, General Yo Amplitude, YYF, CLYW, One Drop. Good stuff


Link to an album of the yoyo is below each picture.

-Dazzler - Will trade big for one.
-Anything, really, besides Triplet and Messiah.
General Yo/Genyo
-Vinyasa Flow Majesty
G2/G Squared
-Puffin 2
-BVM 2
-Arctic Circle 2
-VNYYC Skywalker
-One Drop Rally

But I’m still open to all offers, there are lots of yoyos I would like to try.

Burning Ember Code 2: $50 or trade. Comes with box. Has some vibe and lots of scuffs/dings. Nothing that affects play.

YoyoFactory Shutter: Offers. I was told this is a special edition, with only 50 made. Doesn’t have the typical shutter engraving and simply says “Gentry Stein Shutter” on one side and “Yoyofactory 2014” on the other. Very light wear.

Loop 900 Pair: $25 or trade. These were the special colorway that were sold at Worlds 2010. I don’t really loop, so I figured I would sell these. Some scratches on the caps. One of them has a crack just on the cap, but it doesn’t affect play.

Now for the good stuff:
General-Yo Amplitude: Offer. This a prepro that I got at the General Yo meet. Fantastic play. Not necessarily looking to sell, just looking for offers.

Yoyorecreation Reclash: $120 or offers. Catches everybody off guard with how well it plays, this thing is insane. Mint.

One Drop Cascade: $65 or offers. Really unique throw. One ding, some scratches. Minor vibe on grinds.

General-Yo Model 10: $100 or offers. Nothing needs to be said about this, everybody knows how well it plays. Smooth as glass. Some scratches, one scuff, neither affects play.

CLYW Puffin 2: Offers. Crazy good throw. Mint. First Run

Foxy Moss Chief: $135 or trade. Comes with box. Butter smooth. Some scratches and scuffs.


do you ship to brazil? i want the 900’s set


hey dude, how about I trade you my Cyro AC2 for that Chief of yours? Btw will you send me a picture of it and the scratches, I can’t access the photos for some reason, thanks!



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