One Drop, CLYW, YYF. Check it out.

[b]Hey guys. I figured I would start up my B/S/T again.
The links under each picture show more angles of the yoyo, and also have close pictures of any dings or scuffs.

Paypal only, Preferably US only.
Shipping is included in the price.[/b]

I’ve decided to remove my Majesty from the trade…I REALLY do not want to trade it. But if you have a really, really good offer, PM me. The offer has to include YYR or Rare Gen-Yo/CLYW or I won’t even consider it.

[Want] (In no order):

Comeback Avalanche (Especially cool splashes)
Titan 3 (Looks amazing but I don’t know how it plays)
Square Wheels Rockefeller

Offer anything though, I’m open to all offers and the yoyos above are just the yoyos I can think of that I really want.

Burning Ember Code 2: $80. Comes with box. Has some vibe. Sometimes when I screw the yoyo together, it has vibe…sometimes, it is butter smooth. I’ve had this problem with all side effects yoyos. Plays like a beast though. Has lots of scuffs/dings. Nothing that affects play.

Foxy Moss Chief: $130. Comes with box. Lives up to the hype. Plays amazingly. I received a vibey chief from YYE, and I returned it for this. Tiny bit of vibe that can’t be felt during play. Probably the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever tried, along with my Majesty. Really an incredible yoyo. 2 scuffs, luckily one of them blends in with the anno.

Loop 900 Pair: $40. These were the special colorway that were sold at Worlds…I think 2011. I don’t really loop, so I figured I would sell these. Some scratches on the caps. One of them has a crack just on the cap, but it doesn’t affect play.

Bump. Decided not to trade my Majesty.


Want those hatricks.

How much u want gor the Mossy chief love CLYW throws let me know

Never mind now I see the price