I'm back. YYR, One Drop, CLYW, and more. LF YYR, General-Yo, G2

Hey guys. I’m back. Decided that I want to try some new yoyos, why not trade off the ones I don’t use as much?

Mostly interested in trades.
Link to an album of the yoyo is below each picture.

General Yo/Genyo
G2/G Squared
-Rally (especially clear)
-Format C

But I’m still open to all offers, there are lots of yoyos I would like to try.

Burning Ember Code 2: $80 $75 or trade. Comes with box. Has some vibe and lots of scuffs/dings. Nothing that affects play.

Foxy Moss Chief: $130 or trade. Comes with box. Butter smooth. Some scratches and scuffs. I have a good offer on this that I’ll probably accept, so if you want this, offer big.

Loop 900 Pair: $40 or trade. These were the special colorway that were sold at Worlds 2010. I don’t really loop, so I figured I would sell these. Some scratches on the caps. One of them has a crack just on the cap, but it doesn’t affect play.

Now for the good stuff:
Yoyorecreation Triplet: $120 or trade. Mint in box. Threw it once, put it back into the box. No vibe, butter smooth. Most stable yoyo I’ve ever thrown and spins with a lot of power and heft.

Yoyorecreation Messiah: $110 $100 or trade. Mint in box. Threw it once, put it back into the box. Small vibe that can only be felt on grinds. Powerful little yoyo, extremely fun to play.

Back from a break from the forums.