Yoyos for sale/trade. Make me some offers! CLYW, C3, G2, Auldey, YYR

Wants List

Looking for mostly anything from the following companies
Yoyorecreation (Mostly newer models like the draupnir,dazzler,laser and a sleipnir)
VSNYYC (except battosai)

May Consider throws from the following companies
One Drop
C3 Yoyo Design

Feel free to offer anything.

Here are the yoyos!

In Order from top left to bottom right
IiMI Inverse- Mint prototype. Last one left before production starts. Raw 7075 Aluminum. For sale only. $90 +shipping/paypal fees.

All other yoyos are for Trade Only.

CLYW Puffin- MIB icy purple splash colorway. Smooth and played with for less than an half an hour.
Yoyorecreation Gleipnir- Red colorway. Doesn’t have box. Four small flatspots that don’t break ano and one small hairline scratch on the outer side. Smooth.
G2 Nessie- Iron Man Blood colorway. Near mint in box with one pinprick. Pretty rare colorway and I’ve only seen one other on the bst. Smooth.
CLYW 7075 Chief- Comes in the saskatoon blizzard colorway. Not really looking to get rid of it just looking to see if any good offers come by. Near Mint with box. Has two one-inch scratches and only 1/4 of one scratch breaks ano. Any other damage is purely cosmetic.
Ares Star- Also not looking to get rid of. Would only trade it for a draupnir, anglam, or a crazy offer. Has one small ding and a really tiny scratch. Very Smooth.
C3 Berserker RX- comes in the blue with light blue splash colorway. Absolutely mint with box and incredibly smooth.

Thanks for looking! ;D

I will give you a phenom for the puffin. it is mint plays well

Can you post some better pics of the chief? I’m interested

hey man,

i have a MIB zach gormley colorway summit. would you consider a trade for the puffin?

Your yoyo looks great!!!

Would you trade Draupnir for Ares and Cliff?

will you do puffin for proton, surge, and hayabusa?