DV888+DM2 or Code 2

Ok, I’ve been thinking about getting a new yoyo and I have $100 to spend. I’ve been thinking about getting either a dv888 and a Dark magic 2 or a code 2, and I’m having trouble deciding. What do you guys think? Thanks.

Code 2 IMO.

Quality over quantity



Code 2, It’s one of the best throws out there, you wont be disappointed.

Code 2 is a great throw, I personally like the code1 better, but its all about the preferance…

Hmm, tough decision. I have all 3.

DV888 plus DM2 gives you lots of variety. Responsive vs unresponsive in the DM2. Full size DM2 vs undersized dv888.

Code 2 is its own kind of amazing, made more amazing by the simple fact that you can get different side effects and change how it performs. Personally, after having to wait over 2 months for my Code 2 to arrive, I do feel it was worth the wait. However, with having 9 One Drop yoyos, I have plenty to compare with. I do agree with Pickachoo, I do like my Code 1 better. But maybe I need to swap side effects around. Maybe I need to play it more. It is all about preferences.

All are quality. I have a large and growing collection. Quality AND quantity. I must have variety, mostly so I can stay sharp, prevent routine, and avoid boredom.

Ok, I have decide on the the code 2. Thank you for all of your opinions.

I don’t like the ano color of my Code 2, but I still pick it up and play it constantly and I have other throws that are also high end. The Code 2 is just very good everyone should have one, in fact maybe I should get another one.

quick question the side affects on the code 2 soda blasted, are they the same weight as the spikes?

I think the spikes are regular spikes, perhaps anodized black, but other than that, no difference.

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I have a 2010 dv888 and I must say, it plays very nicely. It’s pretty smooth and has a long spin time but then again, it’s all about preference.