888x vs Code 2

Foremost hello. For some time the fact that yo-yo and I’d buy a more powerful one. I hesitate between 888x to YYF and one drop of code 2. Thank you in advance for your help.
Sorry for my english y speak french ;D

“powerful” is a perfect word to describe the code 2

(page has google translate)

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The 888x was my first metal and tbh I regret it. It’s one of the most unstable throws ever. Go with code2 if you want powerful.

I currently own an 888x. A great throw, but leaves some things to be desired, and am now waiting for a Code 2 in the mail!!! I think you should go with the code 2 for sure.

onedrop CODE 2 ;D

Code2 for the win

Code 2

The 888 is way overrated. Not worth the money IMO. Code 2 however, worth every penny.

Code 2