WHICH ONE CODE1 or 888x premium package

hi guys,

just wondering what should i get for christmas

1drop: CODE1

YYF: 888x premium package

they both cost the same just want to know which one has a overall better rating


Definitely the Code1.

The hubstacks and other goodies that come with the 888x package aren’t of interest to me. I could easily be satisfied with a dv888

But, that’s not your question.

So, to answer it:

Code 1. I have one, I really like it. Don’t have an 888x, so I can’t comment on it other than what I’ve said. But the Code 1 is solid and stable.

well it really depends if you want full sized or undersized they are both great throws. i know for me personally that i would go with the code1 of the two listed because it is full sized and i like the side effects system.

thanks guys
I appreciate it

I’ve got both and I can definitively say CODE 1 is what you want.

Code 1

I personally love my 888x… I feel like an outcast now lol

I have both - Code 1 is FAB.

No offense to the 888. It is a great throw and has stood the test of time. But that time started around 2007 - while the Code 1 is recent and incorporates all of the modern trends in yoyo design.

Code 1 would be my preference.

I have an 888 from 2007, I know it’s not the same as the current model, But I never really used it.
I am thinking of selling it off actually.


Well, not quite on topic but i recently recieved my one drop dietz in the mail and i must say… im in love. <3 Much more than my 888x. From what i keep reading, it seems like one drop is the way to go.