888x or Code1?

OK, so I’ve been looking for a new yoyo, and i have narrowed my search down to these two and I just wanted to know your preferences. :-\


First of all these yoyo’s are completely opposite of each other.

You have on one hand a full sized H shaped yoyo. On the other a more organic undersized stacked yoyo.

Each are great yoyo’s.

The question isn’t “what are OUR preferences” it’s what are yours?

Do you want an undersized yoyo or a full sized yoyo? Do you enjoy H shaped yoyo’s or organic more comfortable shaped throws?

well, I’ve narrowed it down to those two because i like the 888x’s size and shape, but I also want to try an H shaped yoyo. so let me restate - if these were the only two yoyos on the market which would you buy?

It’d be hard to choose between the two. Both are great players all around. It would really come down to whether or not you wanted an undersized or full sized yoyo.

Since I already have an 888 I would go with a CODE1.

In fact I’d recommend you go with the CODE1. It’s way more versatile than the 888. You can find a setting (using the Side Effects) that suit your needs and even discover what your preferences are with it.

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I have a Code 1 and I enjoy it. The 888x isn’t really all that interesting to me at the moment. I have a PGM that fills my hubstack needs. I do have a dv888 in my sights for a future purchase, but not the 888x. Note I’m not saying I got issue with the shape. Just, for what I’m getting for the money, in my view for what I would do, it’s not an item I would buy. But they do cram a lot in the package. half and full bearing, spare axle, DVD, holder. It’s a good value, especially for someone ready to spend big bucks and wants a lot of bang for it.

With the Code 1, the ONLY drawback is finding the side effects right now.

So, what are you throwing now and what do you like about that?

The lack of SE’s is definitely an issue at the moment. However I do prefer the CODE 1 SE’s that come with it. The only other set I’d want is a set of Aluminum UL’s.

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title. How can you possibly compare the two? This is a tough one for me. I have an 888x and an 888 bstock I think 08. The 08 was my smoothest to date yoyo and it just glided. Oh how I loved it. I got a stupid great deal on a purple 888x that Icouldn’t turn down brand new. So now I have two 888’s lol. I love them, a great solid yoyo. However, I really really want a code 1 and just waiting for an opportunity to get one (My birthday is in a couple of weeks so I’m secretly hoping for that!) If I had to chose right now, i would go with the Code 1 just because it is american made, I hear nothing but amazing amazing things from one drop yoyos and they have a very loyal following for a reason. I have yet to even throw one yet, but I’m already sold on them. I’ll be keeping my 888x and have no plans to ever sell or trade it, but I’m really wanting me some one drop love right about now :slight_smile:

Since the code 1 is a H shaped yoyo you will get more spin and stability from it. The side effects are a great thing to have and to switch out for your style. The hubstacks on the 888 will give it center weight which will lessen spin time and make it just a bit less stable than if you took them off.

I would definitly go with the Code 1.

Well, not to repeat everyone else, but yes, it is all about your preferences and not ours. They both play great. I think the CODE 1 is smoother than the 888x but the 888x fits better in the hand. Also, with the stock SE’s the CODE 1 is really light and floaty, whereas I find the 888x plays more solid.

Anyway, I would go with the CODE 1. I tend to vote against YYF because with very small companies like One Drop, they tend to put more time and care into each yoyo, and YYF kinda just mass-produces their yoyos. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Relic Code 1 with the brass dome side effects(basically none) and I have 54 with the Aluminum spikes installed and the brass domes. I haven’t swapped out the side effects in the 54 yet, mostly because I like how those spikes look in there.

I’m happy with both as is, so I’ve got no complaints. But I would like to have a complete set of side effects so I can see what I like best and then buy additional ones as needed in case I can’t get them both right from one set.

Personally, I like how both play and perform(Code 1 and 54). I like the Code 1 better, but I’ve had it a bit longer. Even so, I like the oversized shape better.

I’d say either way, you can’t go wrong. But I got the Code 1 for a great price and am really enjoying it. However, it would still be nice for the OP to come back and say what they’ve been throwing.

I throw all sorts of stuff. Code 1, DM2, DieNasty, ONE, WHIP, Corlis Prototype, 54, TFL Delorean, MMN, Magic Pear Ball, Gnarwal, BVM, Half&Half, Protostar, RevRev Sharp and more. I enjoy them all. Each gives me something different to deal with/challenge me/enjoy. Got eyes on other YYF and YYJ models, as well as stuff by other brands. Variety is good!