Code1 Vs Genesis


hi what yoyo do you think is better

(G2 Jake) #2

Code 1


oh guys i forgot to ask
can u explain why did you
do this decision
and why didnt you chose the other yoyo?
thanks anyway :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #4

Side effects and overall quality I feel the code 1 is much better.

(G2 Jake) #5

Side effects and overall quality I feel the code 1 is much better.


Code 1 because it has side effects, better quality imo, better grinder and it just feels to me like a “better” yoyo. For my preferences…


Genesis is slow big clunky and heavy while the code 1 is lighter more stale better shape and overall awesome yoyo.


CODE1, it is a great design and the shipping weight with the stock side effects is darn near perfect.

I have not played a Genesis so I can not compare the two. I can say that the weight is outside of my preference range so I have not given it much of a look.


You haven’t played a Genesis!!! hahaha I find that humorous for some reason…
Anyway… my vote goes to the Genesis. One of the best designs ever. I have a first run plain jane red Genesis and to this day it’s still amazing. My Genesis is quick and agile, but I don’t know anything about the 2012 models.


I don’t know why that is funny. Have you played every single model by every company on the market today? I have played quite a few yo-yos in my day, just never a Genesis. You come off making it sound like I am less of a player because I have never thrown this one yo-yo.


Code 1 is nice, but if you want performances, I find the Genesis to be much easier land tricks with. Also spin time is greater with the Genesis

(2Sick Joey) #12


Chris, I’m sure he isn’t trying to mock you or anything of that sort. By his comment, i just think he is surprised you have never played a Genesis seeing as you have been a member of the community for so long and review so many yo-yos. I don’t think he meant to offend you, maybe you just misinterpreted it.

On Topic…

I enjoy both so its a hard choice. A smooth genesis is amazing as well as a code1. Either choice would be great! Just pick one in a color you like cause they will both play amazing.


Nah, I didn’t mistake it. I also didn’t take any offense to it. I definietly could have worded my response better. His comment just came off as sounding like a yoyo hipster. ;D

“I played a Genesis before it was cool. Everyone else has now played them, I can’t believe you haven’t.” :wink:


huh it depends… the code1 might be an awkward shape for some people where the gen might be a tad more comfy. both are sweet throws though although competition wise the genesis is the way to go.

i do like the code1 more though but that’s just me.


I can see the Genesis being a tad more comfy in the hand. The major reason I passed on it when I first saw it was because of the weight. My personal preferences are more towards lighter throws. To each their own.


owned both. code 1 is a better IMO.

side effects.
more “modern shape” if you will
seems like more rim weight
probably smoother(if you have tried a code 1 you know they are really smooth. Genesis can be smooth too, it just isn’t always as smooth)


I have had two code1’s and 3 genesis and one genesis+ and I have tried a 2012 genesis.

I would say genesis for sure. The genesis spins longer and is more stable in my play experience and speed is about the same. The code1 with UL side effects is probably a bit faster but they are both pretty zippy if need be.

I have said a while ago that if I was given blindly a code1 or a genesis for competition that I would be happy with either one…now I can say that I would be hoping for that genesis.


My code 1 with disk side effects was much faster than the genesis. IMO the genesis is heavy and sturdy.