Which yoyos are BEST?

I have a passion for yoyofactory and OneDrop. I cant choose which yoyo to buy.
Genesis, Supernova, Code 1, or MarkMont Next.
Which is the best in rim wheight?
Which is the best in spintime?
Which is the best in grinding?
Which is the best in stability?
Which is the best in smoothness?
Wich would you reccommend the most for long, comlicated string tricks?

There is no best. All apples and Oranges my friend.

The preferences you posted are the universal preferences of 1a yo-yos everywhere. They are all built to handle long spin times, good stability and smoothness and complicated string tricks. The real question is what do you want differently?

What diameter do you like? small undersized yo-yos usually zip around faster, but have a slight disadvantage in stability. Larger ones can be a little more sluggish, but can spin like a tank.

Do you like a solid thunk at the end of the string and a forgiving yoyo if you mess up? go heavy. Do you like a light zippy yoyo that has a lot of air time? go light.

What shape do you find most comfortable? an average H shape like a Genesis, a wider H like a Supernova, a soft H like a Code1, and if you want a round shape, go MMN

Most of the categories listed really depend on you, but I would take away the SuperStar because the finish is unsatisfactory for grinding. I really like the CODE1 because of the side-effects, which allow you to change how the yoyo plays on the fly. The grooves and finish on the CODE1 are great for grinding, and it is really stable. The CODE1 has great weight distribution, and lots of rim weight, allowing for long spin times.

I have a code 1, got to try my friends supernova at my club last week, and have tried a genesis. I cannot speak for the Markmont. My personal favorite is Code 1. Second favorite is the supernova. I think the code 1 is better for the following reasons; code 1 is dead smooth. The supernova I tried had a tiny tiny bit of vibe. The code 1 has CRAZY long finger and palm grinds. The supernova had decent grinds(may have been the particular finish). They both have awesome stability, spintime, and weight choices. The supernova has two different weight choices. However, the area where the code 1 shines even more is side effects. In a matter of seconds you can change your code 1 to any weight between 70grams to almost 60grams. I have the lego side effects in right. I can add legos to fine tune the weight down to the tenth of a gram. = Awesome.
my code 1 is my favorite yoyo of all(It plays like a super genesis). A have yet to compare it against a Chief, Code 2(next week), and a few others.

I also highly reccomend putting a center trac in.

There is best in his categories. Hmm what spins longer? A Whip or a Sasquatch? What has better Rim weight? Wooly Marmot or a Gnarwhal.

best, best, best, best
The word “best” is subjective at “best.” Is it “best” to have more or is it “best” to have less? I believe it would be “best” if you used words that conveyed your preferences better than the word “best.” That would allow you to recieve our “best” efforts in helping you determine what is “best” for you as it probably isn’t “best” for us. However, I’m sure you know “best.” ;D

Takes a breath Sorry, about that, I’m feeling a little like a troll today. Anyway, I’d stay away from sticky surfaces if you like to grind as has been mentioned. I’d recommend you try a code 1 or 2. I personally prefer the code 2 over all the yoyos mentioned. Yep, I like the code 2 “best.”

I see your troll and I’m going to respond to it. It’s OK. I’m doing so only to make a point, since we’re all participating in yet another “best” debate.

I have 2 Code 2’s. One is stock, the other has disc side effects. I like the disc side effects better.
I also have a Code 1, stock. For me, I really like the Code 1 better than the Code 2.

I’m not contradicting Skirtz to make a point. It’s true. I have what I say I have, and based on what I know from first hand experience, I truly do like the Code 1 better. I’m merely making a point that my preferences are different than that of Skirtz. This actually supports his statement at the beginning that terms such as “best” are subjective. As such, I’m completely backing up his statement, just with contrasting preferences. My different preferences proves his statement.

Is the Code 1 actually better than the Code 2 or is the Code 2 better than the Code 1? The only thing that matters is the person USING it.

Is he asking about a whip? no. of the yo-yos he asked about, they all have fairly equal rim weight. the only other yoyo variable is grind surface, which code 2 is probably the best. other than that, the spin time depends on him, as well as the other categories.

I would go Code 1. You will love side-effects. They change the whole feel of a yoyo, so it is like getting a new yoyo every time you change them!! Never gets old!

CODE1. Super-smooth and super-stable.

When I first started out yoyoing I would post topics just like what you are doing now. Thanks to people like studio 42 I realized that there actually is no best yoyo.[thanks :slight_smile: studio]

Out of the many yoyos I have tried I will list a couple that are solid throws that tons of people like.

code 1 and code 2 are both excellent! yoyos that meet all your requirements. If you buy either you willl not regret it.
IMO they are equally good. I have met many people who lean to either one.

Check the stock to see which colorway you like better or which shape you think is cooler and choose that yoyo.

Yoyos with side effects are crucial to people just starting to buy high-end metals. You can nail down the weight you like best without having to buy 5 yoyos.

I will now list other yoyos I liked and would reccomend to you
tenyoyo dropbear
clyw chief
h5xchief (very big yoyo)
g squared albatross
and the list goes on

I smell the scent of a necro in this thread.