$110 to spend

I have no clue on what to get. I have looked at anything. I just want personal favorites and recommendations.

Genesis and some string haha.

…you can even buy mine! <3


Well… If I can suggest anything…
Find a gnarwhal on the bst. They are my take everywhere throw, and my top 3 yoyo

I would get the Code 1. I havn’t tried one yet, I ordered one yesterday though. But I know a lot of people that really love it. And it seems pretty awesome. :wink:

the thing with the code on is it seems like half the people love it to death, and half the people hate it more than anything. you could try it and if you dont like it, put it on the bst, but ive found that most people agree that CLYW and VsNYYC are pretty solid throws

If you can find a Bass Line…never heard a bad word. Love mine to death. Right up there with my avalanche.

Most people look for stability, long spin, grindability, & great looks. Full size yoyos with great rim weight fills that need but can be not as “fast moving” as some people would like. The best of these tend to be the H or V shape design which I’ve noticed get rated as not the best feel in your hand. Benefits of the H or V design include extreme rim weight & a step which clears the string of any rubbing surface ensuring long spins during layered string play.

Of all the yoyos my son & I have (Protostar, DMII, Superstar, 888x, Genesis, Grind Machine, to name a few), the Genesis is the best. Its rock solid stability, long spin, grindability (including thumb grinds), wide gap, & wide catch zone will blow you away. Its not so severe H design is not uncomfortable in your hand. My next favorite is the Superstar because its the best yo for Z stacks (with hubstacks fun cool & unique tricks open up to you). My son’s next favorite is the 888x (one of my favorites too). Its undersized solid heavy like feel is odly a fast playing yo; fits great in your pocket too & looks great.

We have a Spyy Pro on order which from what we’ve read fits the desired features described above. For now, I’d say buy the coolest looking YYF Genesis without hubstacks you can find, lots of nylon or poly strings (not cotton, they wear too fast), extra response pads,and study the Yoyoexpert videos & have some fun. For even longer spins, you may want to order a center grove bearing (keeps the string centered ).

i Was looking around and the chico flyer caught my eye. anyone know anything on that. or the bulldog?

Just got the Spyy Pro in the mail. Can’t believe it, more steady than the Genesis; can do tricks I couldn’t do before without twisting out. Yet its has a solid fast play/feel like an 888x on steroids. I almost feal unworthy to play it. The best yo I own. I’ll post a review after I’ve played it for awhile.