any help deciding on a new yoyo?

Hey guys,

I have around 70 bucks to spend on a new throw. I’m not really looking for something run of the mill, I’m looking for something kinda different. I enjoy horizontal, grinds, things like that if that helps. I also really prefer full sized or oversized yoyos.

I really like the decapod which is on sale for 85 on the tenyoyo site. Was 115.
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If you had $100 I’d say get a CODE 2. That thing was made for horizontal and grinds in mind, It’s 2.20 inch diameter is about normal size(not exactly for me since my other favorite throws are undersized so it seems BIG to me but it’s actually just normal size). I got it in the mail today and I love it it’s my new favorite throw. So I’d say get more money and grab a CODE 2.

I’ve got three Code 2’s :D. Im just looking for something really strange, and new to throw around, im gonna look at some Aoda and audley i think.

3 CODE 2’s??? But why?

Because he can and not to mention the fact that code2s are amazing

Exactly. If he can, then so be it!

I’m waiting for mine to arrive. I can’t wait. It’s finally on it’s way to me.

However, to the OP, I can’t find anything that comes to mind in that range that’s a great grinder. Then again, I’m not into grinding. I’m not into grinding because I can’t do it yet. YET!

I mean, unless you can get your hands on a soda blasted Agape, which can run you $70 when they are being sold… I’m not sure. The thing is, I actually don’t have much in the $70 range. I got stuff BELOW there and ABOVE there. I also don’t get this “don’t want run of the mill, looking for something kind of different”. I don’t really see anything that doesn’t fall into this category, not to say I don’t see things that range from “looking good” to “looking amazing”. BST might be a good place to go to get stuff that’s better for grinding.

I know it’s out of the price range but the monkeyfingr evil yo does amazingly well on grinds! Probably could find someone willing to trade a code 2 for one ;p

Oh, I failed to mention:

A friend of mine I meet with on weekends to throw with, he and I both have the Square Wheels Royale and he says he feels this is the best grinding yoyo ever. Both the shape and surface treatment combine for a killer grinding combination. As I said, I can’t grind yet, but it’s something I intend to learn in the future. It is above your price bracket

That’s one on my wants list. Seems the Werrd Irony and the Evil Yo have rocketed to the top of my list. I recently played an Irony and the Evil Yo just looks really good to me. Similar, yet different!

I like the square wheels quite a bit. I think I’ll be filming the review today. It’s an excellent little package.
For grinding I’d definitely look at the smooth move, probably the most grinding focused construction I’ve played.
Grindingly focused?
Grind focusedly?
Something like that, I just woke up.
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