Have 100$ to spend on a yoyo

I have 100$ to spend on a yoyo for 1A, any recommendations?

get a yoyofactory genesis. its awesome :slight_smile:

What do you like in a yoyo, nearly every yoyo every made is 100$ or less. And the few that are over that can probably be had with 100$.

What yoyos do you own?
What size yoyo do you like?
Do you like stable or unstable yoyos?
Do you want a wide or narrow yoyo?
Large, medium, or small bearing?
Aluminum or plastic?
Any company you like or hate?
Do you want a raw yoyo or anoed?
How about thumb grind lip, or hubstacks?
Beadblasted or Smooth coat?
These are the kind of info you need to add if you want someone to be able to suggest you a yoyo. Other wise you are going to get the kid who just got a yoyo and loves it to death telling you to get it. As well as most of the other kids who have got the same yoyo, recently. Often the most recent yoyo released. The problem with that is? Next week/month there will be a new best yoyo ever. If you don’t know what you want in a yoyo, then buying one is probably not the best idea. If you are so new you can’t decide, then it’s probably not time to buy another yoyo. If it is your first yoyo, then I would suggest not getting a yoyo so spendy, and buying a cheaper one with string lube, and anything else the yoyo may need to keep it going.

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You can’t really go wrong with any $100 throws. Just get what you think looks the best. Lol

I have narrowed it down to the Genesis + and the 888x. What is everyones opinion of which is better?

Genesis. Super smooth, long spin time, just amazing.

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if you dont have one i would say get the northstar! if you already have that i say yuuksta.

you would still have money left over get some yoyo accessories. or you can get both

Why did you narrow it down to those? I can help you weight the featurs but I don’t know what is inportant to you, they are nothing a like.

I would say catalyst because it’s a cross between a 888/boss and rockstar/genesis


888x is going to be smoother than a genesis. every 888 (my friends, my 08, and this guy’s at a store I like to go to) has been dead smooth on the string.
I like the genesis more though. I like h shaped and oversized

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if u like the hubstacks then get a genesis plus, i think its way smoother for a hubstacked yoyo than the 888x

No the OP

You forgetting the OD 54? It’s got Side Effects, brass for heavy and aluminum spikes for light. It’s extremely smooth like any 100$ would.

Super G. No doubt.

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I guess I narrowed it down to those because they were the yoyos I liked the best out of the ones I have seen.

I have decided on the Genesis +. Thanks for all the help everyone!

Great choice I got the normal genesis today and it’s a boss.