what are your thoughts on the summit?


I posted a thread saying “arctic circle vs summit vs cheif” and im leaning a lot more to the summit. My bro was going to get one, I was excited because i could try it and if i liked it I could get one. but he ended up getting a different throw (he was yoyox132… he got the burnside if you remember him)so what are your thoughts on the summit? do you like it? is so why? and if you dont like it , why not? also, if you can, list the pro’s and con’s about this yoyo. also, does it come with a ten ball bearing?
;D Thanks ;D


Bump, really nobody?




Love it. Great yoyo. It is stable, EXTREMELY smooth, and super fun to play.

Comes with a 10 ball stock.

Huge Catch Zone
Great for Grinding
Side Effects
Floaty AND Solid at the same time (it does depend on which side effects you have installed).


So wide that it makes it a little difficult for “techy” tricks.

Hope this helps!!