what to buy


Should I get the too hot or cascade? Both have similar shape but which one plays better

({RTD} alecto) #2

too hot… nuff said

(major_seventh) #3

I love the Torque most out of most of the budget throws these days. Has so much character and something about it makes you want to play it. You literally have a chance of smiling on your first throw with it.


TooHOT and Cascade are two favourites of mine, so it’s hard to recommend one over the other.

TooHOT has a larger diameter and feels more like a current “competition” yoyo. The Cascade (especially with Ultra-Light SE’s) is a light and comfortable performer-- fast but not in a breakneck kinda way, just that the speed is there if you want it. They’re both pretty different yoyos even though they share a bell-like profile.

Overall, I think between those two you can’t lose-- pick the one that you like the look of better. :wink: