H.O.T or Cascade? PLEASE REPLY!


So I was wondering which one I should get. I’d like your opinions and some comparisons and contrasts. Thank you!


Oops I typed it H.O.T instead of H.O.T. Sorry, perfectionists out there! :wink:




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Their shapes look very similar. I have a small collection of cascades, and like them very much, but i have not tried the H.O.T. I would go with the Cascade, just because of the side effects, and It’s a OD.


Oops, sorry, I didn’t know that rule!
Okay, thank you!

(SR) #7

OD Cascade.


Have you tried both of them?




The H.O.T. just came out, so there probably aren’t a large amount of people that have them yet. Even smaller are the number that have them that are members of this forum.

So it’d be very unlikely for them to post here. That’s why everyone has said Cascade so far :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried the Cascade, haven’t thrown the H.O.T. I’m sure the latter plays great, but I can’t recommend it. You can’t go wrong with a Cascade though.

(Bína) #11

I played both. I prefer Cascade. Hot for me seems too big and too heavy(but i use Ultralights on Cascade). Cascade also has more unique feel and is more fun to play. Cascade sits better in ahnd, Hot is more h-shaped like, with sharper rims.