CZM84VK vs H.O.T


Hey, I was about to get a H.O.T(also, does H.O.T stand for something?) but i wasn’t sure because i also kinda want a czm84vk. I know the shapes are totally different. im leaning towards the hots shape. But the czm is like $20 cheaper… And I’ve never tried a czm, so yah. I kinda forgot how the hot plays cuz i tried like 10 yoyos that day.

(UmeNagisa) #2

HOT stands for Harold Owens the Third.
And I’d go for the Czechmate. Its cheaper. And I hear it plays like the Beserker. And that says ALOT


I knew what the H and O stood for, but didn’t know the “T” stood for third…
I have also heard that… Many times.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Haha :slight_smile:

So I think the decision has been made! Haha


I’d just like to say that from what I’ve heard, the CZM doesn’t play like the Berserker, it’s like the Berserker of YYF. Maybe I’m interpreting this wrong, but doesn’t that mean that the CZM is the absolute competition beast from YYF, not that it feels like a Berserker in play? Also, I would go with a H.O.T. Everyone I’ve talked to loved it. I know I want one badly.

(UmeNagisa) #6

I have one. It reminded me of. Like a cascade with catalyst rims.
With a little supernova in it


Well, the cascade is the same shape… Soo… I didn’t like the catalyst, but it’s just the time. And, look at my favorite yo :slight_smile: and thats what people are saying, the Berserker of yyf, not “THE Berserker”

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Then HOT? Haha


Ahhh, im stuck! Cuz the HOT has a nice shape, but it’s $20 more. And the czm is $20 less, and the shape is still nice and people say good things about it, too.


i say hot due to how long and solid it spins, how good its horizontal grinds are, andoverall pace of it.


CheckMate! It’s amazing!!! If you want a bell shape, I’d just go for a cascade instead of a HOT.


I love the hot. I played the CZM8 and liked it too, not as much. It’s preferences. The HOT has a semi-floaty feel that I love, where it is a bit solid.


I’d go with the CZM84VK

I plan on getting a new one later


I think I will do some research on both, and choose.

Because the first person says “hot, its amazing!” next person"czm! Its the best ever!" and thats what’s been happening. Plus, in like 5 days I can try the hot , ill see if I like it.


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